5 Worst Testosterone Killers (AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT!)

Beer and Kidney Stones

Beer and kidney stones have actually been found to have a connection. Research has shown that by drinking one or two glasses of beer a day you can prevent the forming of many types of kidney stones.

Health Benefits of Coconut Oil Are Awesome

Because coconut oil has a wide variety of healthy, healing and tasty attributes, it has easily earned a worldwide reputation as the best overall oil to use. Health benefits associated with oil from the coconut have been documented a dozen different ways, and when you toss taste and aroma into the equation, coconut oil becomes the easy favorite of fans everywhere. Like many natural fruits, it turns out that the coconut has natural anti-oxidant properties, helps make the immune system stronger, has the ability to fight viruses and ward off disease, and still manages to add great…

Restoring the Body’s Alkaline Balance

Many people are preoccupied with the idea of alkalinizing the body. Unfortunately, a good part of the time this concept is way oversimplified. The body is extraordinarily aggressive in maintaining a neutral pH. It even does this as a priority over other self-preservation functions.

Health Benefits of Drinking Tea

Black tea, white tea, green tea and oolong are all derived from a plant called Camellia sinensis. The credit of having discovered tea goes to China, nearly 4700 years ago. For quite some time, healthy effects of tea consumption have been under study.

Mineral Deficiency Could Be a Gateway to Something Serious

For some reason, there are far fewer people who understand the importance of dietary minerals, and the direct effect they have on our health. While most people are aware of the health benefits of taking a vitamin, there seems to be a disconnect when talking about the real importance of basic minerals in our body. Maybe this explains the huge number of people with a mineral deficiency.

The Role of NutriPlus in Sustaining Good Health

In the present day, good nutrition is of extreme importance. Every individual ought to have a balanced meal and get a good share of all kinds of essential nutrients. With this idea in check, you can be assured that health troubles will be at bay.

Uric Acid Deposits

Depending on gout medicine to suppress the uric acid level or manage the pain during the attack is not healthy long term solution. You have to focus on clearing up the uric acid deposits hidden around your body, only after you have successfully return the internal equilibrium you will be free from gout forever…

What Foods Lower Uric Acid?

If you are a gout patient and suffering from frequent gout attacks, I strongly suggest you to focus your time and efforts on what foods lower uric acid instead of what foods to avoid. According to basic simple science of neutralization, alkaline is the only enemy of acid. All the best in kissing gout goodbye, for good.

The Moderation Myth – Why It Doesn’t Work

Everything in moderation, right? It’s a myth we can eat everything in moderation and it may just be leading up to some of worst health epidemics of all time. Here’s why the moderation myth is just an excuse to overeat and eat bad things.

Weight Gainer for Weight Loss and Muscle Mass

Putting on serious weight and losing the extra flab is not possible unless and until one uses a good weight gainer. While excessive weight loss makes you look feeble and pinched, a well-built and maintained body defines you in a better way.

Hydration: An Honest Overview

We need water to survive… this is obvious. But we need to be properly hydrated, for the thousands of metabolic functions that our cells require water for, and we are not! US EPA statistic: 95% of us in North Americans are chronically dehydrated.

How To Increase Immunity?

Increase your immunity by consuming immune boosting foods. Immunity can also be enhanced by supplementing with Colostrum.

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