At Home MUSCLE BUILDING Superset For Upper Body (Intense Workout!)

Stop Counting Calories

Food should be about pleasure and nourishment, not math. Have a healthier relationship with food by focusing on the quality of your calories and not the quantity.

How Does Food Synergy Give You More Energy?

Learn how food synergy can improve your nutrition. Six easy suggestions will get you started on eating healthier using food combining. Certain foods boost each other to become more bio available when eaten at the same meal but don’t worry, these combinations are tasty as well as healthy. Discover how easy it is to find combinations that you enjoy.

8 Ways to Start Being Healthier in Just One Week

If you haven’t been living a healthy lifestyle, just thinking about making some changes to become healthier can seem a little overwhelming. Some people put off getting healthier because they think it is too much work and they will not be able to do it.

Fats for Health – Breaking the Myths

Fat is commonly known to be the main culprit for a number of disorders like obesity, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and stroke. Almost everybody knows about the bad effects of fatty food. That is why they try to be over-cautious in terms of diet plan. But, unfortunately most of the times they see zero result despite apparently fat-free diet.

Caffeine: To Sip or Not to Sip Before a Workout?

About 55% of Americans need a little jolt of java or a sip of red bull to get them going every morning, but have you ever wondered if that caffeine boost helps or hinders your performance in the gym? Does it increase dehydration? How about delaying fatigue? Can you over-caffeinate?

How to Fuel Up With The Right Amount of Protein

As a dietitian, the nutrient I get asked most about is protein. Everyone wants to know how much protein you need to build muscle, the best time to eat protein, the best sources of protein that aren’t meat, whether you should be taking a protein supplement and what the best supplements are.

The Top 5 Stress Fighting Foods

Exercise can do amazing things for our body. It can relieve stress and boost our moods by releasing feel-good hormones, it can relieve aches and pains caused by a sedentary lifestyle and it can decrease our risk of many chronic diseases all while keeping us at (or helping us get to) a healthy weight. Did you know that certain foods can do the same?

Fueling Up With Plant-Based Proteins

Did you know that nearly all foods except highly refined products like sugar, oils and alcohol have protein? Even broccoli, peas and spinach? It’s a common misconception that most people need to eat meat to consume enough protein. Some plant-based foods are protein powerhouses and can contain even more protein per serving than an ounce of meat.

Well How Can I Work Out What My Eating Habits Are and What They Mean, Am I a Food Addict?

This piece of homework looks at what type of eating habits you have, your lifestyle and should help you to start to address any particular difficulties that you are facing. The points are general, and obviously not all will apply to you.

Healthy With Good Protein

Proteins are very important issues, both those who are trying to lose weight or who do not need to lose weight. Recent research suggests that the current recommended daily allowance of this (RDA) for healthy adults over 50 may not be adequate. Your body relies on protein to build and repair the body’s organs, muscles and bones and make enzymes, antibodies and hormones, all that is needed to keep your body running smoothly. “Complete” or high-quality protein containing all eight essential amino acids and is derived from animal sources and foods made from soy. Majority of plant proteins are” incomplete “because they do not contain all the essential amino acids. But by combining a complete protein meal, you can collect enough quality protein to be considered complete.

Coffee: To Drink Or Not To Drink?

Hands down the number one question that comes up in my practice, often taking the form of a statement – “I am ready to learn healthy habits, but I am not giving up my coffee”. Learn the truth about coffee consumption here.

Detox, Lose Weight and Fight Cancer With Kale

Kale has been gaining popularity among the health conscious and those generally concerned about getting fit. It is a natural way of losing weight, detoxifying and in fighting cancer. In fact it has been dubbed as the queen of greens because of its numerous health benefits whether cooked or raw.

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