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Get Fit With This HIIT Core + Cardio Workout

I love HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts because they can they give you the most “bang for your buck”. This means that they challenge you both physically and mentally, stimulate your metabolism so that you burn more calories for a longer of period of time after your workout is over (after burn) and they can be done in a relatively short period of time.

3 Ways To Increase Your Exercise Motivation

The role of exercise motivation and three ways to keep you inspired at a peak level. Maintaining an exercise commitment on a continuous basis can be tough. Sure it might not be terribly difficult to get off the couch and go running once or twice a month, but what if you want to truly focus on fitness and get into much better shape? To accomplish this, you will definitely need to stick with an exercise plan 4-6 times per week and this is where the need for motivation comes into play. Therefore to help arm yourself with some motivational weaponry, here are three ways you can give yourself an immediate adrenaline boost to help you stay true on your path towards a healthy, fit life and with your exercise motivation.

Learning Zumba As An Effective Workout

Dance is a popular form of exercise including rhythmic sounds that tap into mental and physical expression and creativity. Zumba as a fitness program introduces a blend of Latin American and international moves progressing through moderate to fast paced activity. The aerobic approach is a fun and stimulating way to engage the entire muscusloskeletal system in a rewarding and fun health program.

Exercises and Workouts – How To Improve Your Shoulder Press In Four Easy Steps

One of the most important exercises in your upper body workout is the shoulder press. This compound exercise is designed to hit the front deltoids, the side deltoids, and will even hit the rear deltoids to a small degree as well. What’s more is the triceps and core will come into play as they help you with executing the movement pattern. Your shoulders and arms press the weight over your head, while your legs, lower back, and abs assist you in balance. The shoulder press is one of the best exercises to build strong, muscular and healthy shoulders together with bigger arms. Unfortunately, though, many people go about performing this powerful move entirely wrong. Do it incorrectly and it’s just an injury waiting to happen. Let’s look at how you can improve your shoulder press in just four easy steps…

Great Ways to Appreciate Your Body Shape and Keep Motivated to Workout

It is hard to find motivation to stay on top of our exercise routines if we constantly think that a particular sized body shape is the only one we should emulate the look of. Quite frankly that typical body shape which is still largely projected in the main stream media only serves to fuel a certain resentment towards our own natural body shapes and sizes. Perhaps what is most detrimental is the effect this can have on our own motivation to achieve a fitter healthier and happy self.

Exercises and Workouts – The Carry Over Effect From Sticking With Your Workout Program

So you’ve made the decision to start working towards your health and fitness. You’ve found a workout program, figured out a healthy eating plan, and are now ready to set the wheels in motion. This is great news. When you begin making an effort to get healthier, what you may not realize is you will be completely changing your life.

Reigniting Your Resolutions

Every day is an opportunity to make a positive change in your health. If your January Fitness Resolutions have gone the way of your Christmas tree, it’s time to move on.

Why Is It Important to Do Exercise on a Regular Basis?

There is a famous saying that perfect mind resides in a perfect body. In order to avail the benefits of life, it is very important that you should stay fit & healthy. Our body comprises different systems. For the healthy body, it is very important that all of the systems function in a proper manner. Otherwise, malfunctioning will result in the bad health. If you really want good health, then it is recommended that you should perform exercise on a regular basis.

E: Exercise – Better to Wear Out Than to Rust Out

How important is it, really, to exercise? I would say that depends on the level of physical and mental health that you want to enjoy.

Benefits of Good Health

One of the things about good health is that while everyone knows that it is better to be in good health, the reasons for this thinking can often be overlooked. As so many people take the need to be in good health for granted, there is often a benefit of being reminded of the benefits of being in good health.

Is Cardio Good For You? (Part 1: It Helps Rats)

In recent years, a debate has raged over high- and low-intensity training. This article covers specific adaptations that the body undergoes during endurance conditioning.

What Is TRX?

The TRX is an unusual shell but well-proven and quickly gained popularity in fitness. Read more about what you can or cannot do with TRX.

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