Big Chest Workout! | Day 4 of My 5 Day Workout Cycle

B Is For Brain – And Wiping Out Sugar Cravings

B vitamins are important in stopping sugar cravings and in several other brain functions. This article covers various brain functions and sources of the specific B vitamin(s) involved.

7 Simple Tips to Help You Kick Your Sugar Habits Good-Bye This January! (And Forever)

When it comes to sugar, some just can’t seem to kick that simple sweet treat good-bye! Well, you don’t have to be a victim to sugar forever. Here are some fun and simple tips to say ciao to that crystalline substance once and for all!

Foods for Brain Power and How to Take Advantage of Them

Did you know your brain is like a muscle? You must nourish it properly in order to perform maximally! And not I do not mean reading books or listening to audio, these things are exercises for the brain, not food we usually call them food for the brain metaphorically but in reality reading and listening is exercising…

Health Issues Related to Non Organic Products

Many patients ask their physicians if eating organic food, which costs much more, better for them? Are their health problems related to non-organic produce?

Fish Oil: What It Is, Benefits, What To Look For On The Label, And How Much You Should Take

This article outlines a handful of the major benefits of fish oil. I also talk about what you should look for on the label and how much you should take.

How To Alkalize Your Body With Juice

What does it mean and how will it help you to alkalize your body with juice. Discover the major benefits to your energy level and vitality as you add juicing to your life.

Revealed: Why Organically Grown Herbs Give You More Bang For Your Buck

So what’s the big deal about organically grown herbs and food? Is it really good for you? Sure, organic crops have less pesticide, herbicide and fungicide residues than conventional crops. And because of this, when you eat organically, you expose yourself to less toxins.

Getting the Diet Right With Healthy Eating

The type and amount of food eaten has a significant influence on a persons wellbeing. A well balanced diet with the right combination of food types is certain to help with reducing the possibility of a variety of diseases in later life.

Top 3 Ways To GAIN Weight On Christmas

It’s that time again – the jolly Christmas song marathons – the one uncle that drinks a bit too much – the platters upon platters of food – and the sheer number of articles on “how to avoid holiday weight gain”. The last one has gotten so out of control that wherever I look, there’s an article or ‘top 10’ list on the topic. While that’s all well and good for people with the undying urge to eat up a storm, I thought it would be a semi-refreshing idea to have a few points about the polar opposite – 3…

To Drink or Not to Drink This Holiday Season – That Is the Question!

The empty calories from drinking alcohol can add up quickly and negatively affect your weight and your health. Think twice before picking up that extra glass this holiday season.

Foods For Better Health! – Myth Or Fact?

There are stories in everything: Big stories, little stories, and the most important stories are in health. Finding the right story is paramount to succeed in reaching your goal. Any of us never leave our comfort zone unless we’re forced to. We are known as creatures of habits and when we’re confronted with a major change in life our routine is interrupted and we’re plunged in to the unknown. Gaining new experience, new knowledge and changing the way of thinking in a positive way is the beginning of something ‘new’. Health is no different; nothing will change unless you make it happen. Only in the last decade or so research has uncovered how we can take control of our health. The message over recent times has been very clear: Some foods are good for us and some are not. Research and tests have found that extracts from natural and whole foods are more effective in healing and can sustain optimal health better than anything else.

Can Water Therapy Control Feelings Of Panic And Anxiety?

We know the importance of water, but can we actually call it water therapy? Find out how much water is actually ideal and how it can make a lasting difference against your panic and anxiety.

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