How Many Sets To Build Muscle AFTER 50?

Stay Focused Through The Diet Plan Minefield

Dieting to lose weight or to maintain that svelte figure can be challenging enough when you have personal control over each meal or snack opportunity. A strong partner who is “all in” with you on the same or similar plan can make all the difference in keeping you accountable and on track. Enter all the other players who either don’t share your dietary views, or contribute to your waistline despite their best intentions.

Healthy Eating – Three Healthy Cooking Methods to Use

As you go about planning and preparing for your healthy eating program, one aspect you are going to want to start paying attention to is how you are cooking your food. The fact is, you can select the healthiest foods but if you are not cooking them in a manner to help keep the total calorie count down while also ensuring they maintain their nutritional density, those healthy foods just are not doing you much good. Fortunately, there are several excellent methods of cooking you can utilize. Here are a few of the top choices.

How Wholesome Are Those Whole Grains?

We’ve all been advised that a healthy diet includes lot of fruits and vegetables, healthy sources of protein such as fish and whole grains. Whole grains are essentially the seeds of the plants on which they grow. Like other seeds, such as sunflower and chia and flax seeds, whole grain seeds can be packed with nutrients. They offer healthy fatty acids, proteins, minerals and they are a good source of fiber. A diet rich in raw, natural seeds is recommended for the health benefits of reducing the risk of diabetes, heart disease and more.

Every Body in the Game! Make Moves for Good Health

Children model the behavior they see in adults. Make a few changes in family activities and eating habits. The results will benefit the entire family.

Suffering From Low Energy And Fatigue?

Fatigue can give a mixture feeling of wariness, tiredness and in general a lack of energy. There are many causes for low energy. It may be as simple as putting more energy into your daily life to become more active, the less movement or exercise your body gets the more energy it can lose. Being low on energy the most common one is nutrition. However, if fatigue is not willing to go away after having made changes to your nutrition and activity plan, than it could be caused by any underlying medical problem and best see a doctor.

Switch Up Your Hot Drinks This Winter

If you’re having trouble letting go of those massive sodas and juice bottle drinks, the winter season can help you. The incentive is already there, with a typical can of soda delivering nearly 40 grams of sugar. That’s 10 teaspoons of sugar in just one small can. On truly hot days, your thirst might drive you to go for the super-sized 44-ounce Big Gulp soda. With that one drink, you down 128 grams, or a whopping 32 teaspoons of sugar!

Boost Your Performance By Going Green

Numerous nutrition related articles talk about preferring a diet rich in green leafy vegetables. Ironically, the ancient Greeks and Romans were aware of their nutritious power; they grew kale and collards and the Romans took them with them on their empire-building campaigns. This good practice sustained their armies and their general populations. Modern diets include many processed foods and you may not have been exposed to these traditional sources of nutrition.

Basmati Rice – Busting the Nutritional Myths

This article describes mostly nutritional myths of Basmati Rice. Read full article to know actual fact about basmati rice.

You Need to Eat More to Lose Weight

One of the biggest misconceptions is that you need to reduce the amount of food you need to eat to loose weight. This mindset has led to extreme dieting, which is dangerous for the individual. In order to effectively lose weight, one has to understand how to pair food to allow your body to increase its metabolism and burn fat.

Healthy Diet for Men: Build Yourself in Your Early 20’s

The diet choices you make during the early days of your youth can seriously affect the rest of your life. Studies show that men who have had a healthy lifestyle in their 20’s which included a nutritious, balanced diet were less likely to develop heart diseases as they aged, in comparison to those who did not have a balanced diet.

Low Grade Inflammation Is a Tax on Your Immune System

When we experience a physical injury, our bodies respond by releasing substances designed to help fight the injury and repair any damage that may have been caused. Some of these substances are releases by muscle tissue, which helps to explain the theory that we heal faster if we keep moving. Others are released by organs, such as the liver, and may be measured by taking a blood sample. The body reacts to any inflammation in the same way, not just in response to injuries. Inflammation does not need to be the result of an injury to stimulate the body’s defense mechanisms.

Trends on Tap for Health & Fitness

There are a lot of options in health and fitness trends so try something new or sample one of the foods on the “hot list.” You may find that the new addition is a winner in helping you achieve your goals.

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