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A Super Star Food Finally Gets Its Due

Quinoa is a super star plant food that very few people have even heard about. It’s high in fiber, vitamins and minerals. It contains complete high-quality protein. It’s a healthy starch that gives you sustained energy by having a low glycemic index so you won’t have crazy sugar highs followed by dangerous blood sugar dips. And, it’s gluten free so almost anyone can eat it. This article offers alot more information about this amazing super food. Read on to learn more.

The Best Diets for Permanent Weight Loss

For many, the main objective of dieting is to lose weight and keep it off permanently. But many a times, you may have also experienced it yourself; it is common for dieters to regain weight right after they lose few pounds / kilos. The key to successful permanent weight loss is actually to have a complete change of one’s lifestyle. And this is something that many people are not keen to go through as it requires a lot of will power. However, permanent weight loss is possible if you opt for a healthy eating strategy which suits your lifestyle.

How Can the Raw Food Diet Weight Loss Plan Help Me?

One of the best way to lose weight is to follow a raw diet plan. By virtue of the type of foods, eating a diet full of raw fruits, vegetables and seeds gives the essential nutrition that your body needs. As these foods are rich in fibre, they will fill you up faster. Also, raw diet food is low in both saturated and tans fats, it makes losing weight easy. Among other benefits that you can gain from raw food diet are lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and increase in energy level.

Why Does the Human Body Need Enzymes?

Enzymes are as critical to the human digestive system as oxygen is necessary for life. Why?… Read and find out why they are critical! Discover how enzymes work for you!

Eat to Reach and Secure Your Ideal Weight

To make ideal personal food choices, it is wise to take a look at where you really feel deprived, and when eating don’t under estimate the value of chewing. Remember eating is mainly about physical sustenance. Using food as a foundation for wellbeing, stress release, and fast pleasure is an indulgent but detrimental habit.

Crunchy, Cruciferous, Kid-Friendly Cauliflower!

Here are some really great recipes that your kids can help in the kitchen with involving healthy and delicious cauliflower. They’ll eat up these delicious meals and you can pat yourself on the back for encouraging their love of healthy food.

Picture This: Your Kid Eating Cabbage

Cabbage is healthy and delicious, but it’s not always what kids want to eat. Read here to find easy and delicious ways to prepare cabbage that your kids will love!

Are Probiotics In Yogurt An Effective Way To Get Good Digestive Bacteria?

Probiotics bacteria, and how terrific they are for your digestive health, may be the latest health rage – except the probiotics in yogurt, the most common food that includes them, are not the best source. Probiotics are good bacteria that you have in your colon. When you do not have enough of these beneficial bacteria to offset the harmful bacteria that are also exist, the result will be problems with your digestive health and even your overall health and well-being

How to Cook Quinoa Like a Pro

Natural quinoa seeds have a coating of bitter-tasting chemicals called saponins, which will make their seeds less-palatable to birds and other seed-eaters. These saponins are mildly toxic by nature. For quinoa to be made edible, it is required to be rinsed to get rid of the saponin layer.

Get The Best Digestive Health With Probiotics And Prebiotics

Most people don’t realize how important their body’s digestion is until something doesn’t feel right. Whether it’s an extra heavy meal that causes you to feel bloated and lethargic; being overweight (which is often correlated with poor digestion); acid reflux (that burning feeling you may get that travels from your stomach up to your throat after you eat); or something else, you don’t realize the hugely important role your digestion plays until you run into one of these types of problems.

What Is the Difference Between Organic, Conventional and GMO Produce?

This article answers the questions What is organic produce? What is GMO produce? How to tell the difference between organic produce and GMO produce?

Are Cherries Healthy?

Are cherries healthy? Many claim that cherries are one of the healthiest fruit you can eat. Here is the answer to the question as well as many other interesting facts on this tasty fruit you may want to be knowledgeable about.

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