13 SINGLE Dumbbell Exercises For Chest (Just One Dumbbell!)

Healing and Nutritional Properties of Carrots

The bright orange color of carrots somehow conveys the positive effects that eating it and drinking its juice have on the human body. If you are already smitten by this sweet and delicious vegetable then you might want to consume it in the form of a juice on a daily basis. Studies have shown that carrots are most potent in juice form, and the following are the health benefits that accompany regular consumption.

Trusting Yourself Is a Key Part of Eating Naturally

When you learn to eat naturally one of the key aspects is learning to trust yourself. The first step to doing this is putting food into perspective. Food is not bad or good and it is not naughty to enjoy your favourite foods. Once you normalise the “treat-type” food it completely takes the pressure off.

Some Tips on Eating a Balanced Lunch When You’re Busy

Some tips on how you can keep to a healthy eating plan at lunch despite being busy. The principles in this article can be used for any meal time, not just lunch.

Top 5 High Sugar Cereals

I am sure you are like me and grew up eating high sugar cereal. Everyone has had them at some time and there are lots of them to choose from. We did some checking and found the top 5 based on overall sugar content. Regardless of the advertising you see, low fat, high fiber or whole grain cereal is not always really healthy. High sugar content in your diet contributes to the increasing obesity rate in North America. Here are the ones to avoid:

What Are the 7 Popular Benefits of Healthy Eating Other Than Weight Loss?

Most people begin thinking about healthy eating when they have weight loss goals. However, when you consider these 7 side-benefits to healthy eating, you’ll be amazed at how many areas of your overall health you can affect with food. Plus, check out the one ingredient you can add to your meal plan that powers up your food with fiber, omega 3s, protein, B-vitamins & more.

Tailgate for Well-Being

We’re well into the football season and whether your team runs plays with pint-size players, the Friday night lights group or the NFL, dishing up good things to eat is a big part of the game. Game day snacks are often not the best choice for the well-being lifestyle. Now I am not trying to pre-empt your football party, my goal is to share options that are just as tempting, but will score big if you’re playing for better health. With pre-planning and a little creativity, you can turn your tailgate into a spread of good-for-you choices.

Vegans – Good News!

A recent study shows that vegetarians rank higher than non-vegetarians in overall health, including the formation of cancers. Recently, further studies show that vegans are the least likely to get all types of cancer.

The TOP 5 Healthy Fat Foods (Eat These Daily)

Did you know that fat is an essential nutrient that your body needs on a daily basis? In fact, without enough (good) fat in your diet, your risk for developing major illness such as heart disease, blood vessel disease and atherosclerosis significantly increases. However…

7 Mistakes Healthy People Make

Each day you make a conscious effort to pick, prepare and eat the right foods that will lead to optimal health. But you may be making some mistakes when it comes to your longterm health. Read on to learn some common mistakes that even healthy people can make when it comes to their own health.

Why Biltong and Nuts Is Great for a Banting Diet

Biltong is high in energy, protein and fat, but low in carbs and contains no sugar. This is one of several reasons why biltong and nuts is great for any diet plan. Read further for more great reasons.

The Basics of Bodybuilding Nutrition

What are muscles made of? The majority of our muscles are made up of water, protein and, in some small part, glycogen (sugar). A large portion of the water is bound by glycogen. Without a proper intake of proteins, there is no such thing as muscles. Without proper intake of carbohydrates, there is no such thing as hydration and energy that would normally come from glycogen.We are going to take this issue deeper once we get to it, but suffice it to say that if we do not take in enough sustenance, there is no way our body can develop. This article will give you a glimpse into the world of bodybuilding nutrition. Either you are someone looking for a more healthier way to eat,or you think you have just had enough of junk food in your life, I am sure you will find this introductory article rather useful and enlightening.

Always in a Good Mood, Sexy N’ Productive, JUST BY EATING THE RIGHT FOOD?!

Returning to the basics of nutrition, keeping it simple and not overcomplicating things is the key to any success. A lot of people start diets and crazy eating habits without even considering to educate themselves with the basics. If one doesn’t know the basics how can one expect the desired results from a diet or any results for that matter as YOU can’t by yourself evaluate the scheme and food that are in use here and have a general opinion about the methods you are about to try. See if you put the effort to learn the simple stuff you will not even need to follow a diet, every person is different and what might work for me might not work for you… So what is the conclusion, learn to learn and approach eating on your own terms, don’t be a parrot start from somewhere but make your own plan to follow!

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