Big Shoulders At Home Workout For Men Over 50 (LIGHT WEIGHT, BIG SHOULDERS!)

My Gluten Story

I grew up on the typical children’s American diet of Mac & cheese, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup and whatever latest Kellogg’s healthy cereal was being promoted at the time (Cheerios, Corn Flakes or Rice Puffs). My sister and I always had a good breakfast of one Graham Cracker with a spoonful of cream cheese and a dab of jelly on top. Off to school we went, not thinking anything of it. All seemed fine until….

Eat Doughnuts and Lose Weight – All About Calories

Learn all about calories. Weight loss/gain/maintenance is controlled through a single measurement – calories.

The Misconceptions You’ve Been Told About Flu Season

Many people take precautions. They wash their hands many times a day. They stay away from people who are sick. They try to stay out of crowded places so they won’t catch something. Does this sound like you? Spiritual seekers say that if you believe in a flu season, you will get the flu, because what you believe is what you attract in your life. Well, I believe this now, too. So I try not to think about getting sick during the winter months. (Except now when I’m giving you my secrets for staying healthy.) I started doing something different, but not just at this time of year. I do it all the time. I add antioxidants and alkaline foods to my diet.

B12 Deficiency Not Just a Vegan Concern

The most common cause of B12 deficiency is not lack of B12 containing-foods but intestinal disease, and the prevalence of B12 deficiency among vegans is not much different than in the overall population. According to Dr. John McDougall, normal individuals who adopt a plant-based diet have enough B12 stored in their body to last 20-30 years!

Royal Jelly Is Great Food For Humans

Royal Jelly is a milky substance produced by bees. It is no wonder people call it bee’s milk. If you need healing for multiple diseases, you should take this affordable substance. It is available on many internet food stores. Since you will find a variety of bee’s milk products, take your time to pick the best.

What Is in Royal Jelly?

Do you know what is in royal jelly? This bee substance has many nutrients including proteins, vitamins, lipids, sugars, enzymes, niacin, folic acid and others. These nutrients make royal jelly a powerful cure for many diseases.

The Best Foods for Pregnant Women

Pregnant women have to be aware of their diet in the entire 9 months of this special journey in their lives. This is so important to stress since this isn’t only about them, but also for the baby inside their womb.

Is It Healthier To Be Wheat Free?

Is wheat in your diet the deadly sin many would have you believe? Is it best to cut it out completely for a healthier lifestyle? Nowadays many celebrities are assigning all manner of ills to the humble wheat grain – even when they have no related allergies or sensitivity to it. Kim Kardashian has gone gluten-free and one of the most popular books of the moment is ‘Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight and Find your Path back to Health’ by cardiologist Dr William Davis. But if you’re not sensitive to wheat, what are the real benefits of following a wheat free diet?

Blueberries – The Antioxidant Miracle

Blueberries have been now marketed as the New apples. Their antioxidant quantity makes them an essential fruit for every meal or dessert. Their delicious and unique flavour makes them suitable for most breakfast cereals, desserts such as ice cream and fruits.

Why Fish Oil Is The Best Source Of Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids

Normally, there are many sources of omega 3 with fish oil standing as one of the best in the list. This is because fish oil contains the DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid), which are highly effective in the body.

Delicious Vegetable Smoothie Recipes

Tired of fruit smoothies? Try a few of these yummy vegetable smoothies!

Seven Sugars to Avoid at All Costs, One Exception to the Rule and One Preferred Alternative

Fat doesn’t make you fat. Since the 1950’s we have been avoiding fat at all cost. “Fat-free” and “Low-fat” have been the mantra for more than 50 years. Do you remember Olestra? This was to replace the fat content in many processed foods like potato chips. The only problem with Olestra is that had a nasty side-effect, fecal incontinence. Personally, I prefer fat. So what makes us so fat? There are many factors that we all know about like sedentary lifestyle, but as far as dietary considerations all eyes are turning to sugar and its effect on insulin levels. Chronically elevated insulin makes you fat, and that is a fact. Not only does sugar boost your insulin but it is toxic in its many forms.

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