Push Through Plateaus For More Muscle Growth (11 Tips!)

A Theory About the Frequency of Protein Consumption

The well-established protocol – The majority of like-minded bodybuilders like you and me usually follow the 2-3 hour rule when it comes to the 4-5 meals we must consume every day. Whether we are on a fat loss or bulking diet, we must always consume complex meals every time (Protein, Carbs and Fats). A larger portion of proteins for each meal is always necessary, no matter what our aspirations are. When it comes to carbs and fats, we may have to change things up a little according to our short-term goals. We do this 4-5 times a day with a few protein shakes here and there; and that is usually it. With this practice only, we have put ourselves on the road to more muscle mass or less body fat, depending on our overall goals.

Smoothies: Are You Friend or Foe?

I feel like I’ve been recommending smoothies a lot recently, and the interesting thing is that I tend to get one of two responses when the word “smoothie” is brought up in discussion. I either get enthusiastic approval or a general look of disgust. There is no in-between.

Calorie Counting While Disregarding Ingredients

Not all calories are created equal. If you count calories, you may overlook food quality and ingredients as a result. Learn what is in the foods that you eat.

Labeling Loopholes: Do You Know They Help Sneak Sugar Into Your Food?

Product developers are paid to know how consumers shop, how we view food, what we know, and what we ignore. This article looks at a few of the tricks used on labels to confuse the consumer.

Metabolic Syndrome to Physical Wellness – Strive for Progress Not Perfection!

Probably more than any other area of wellness, the demand for finding physical wellness has experienced a total makeover. Fad diets have always been around, but today people want more than a diet that doesn’t last. They want a permanent solution for physical wellness. Why this change? Pre-diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome now affect three times as many people today as compared to 20 years ago. 79 million people are pre-diabetic, and it’s a critical and immediate concern. They want to live healthy vibrant and longer lives. They have to make changes to their lifestyle when it comes to physical wellness, and we need to lead by example.

Can Alkaline Water and a Alkaline Diet Reduce Fatigue and Pain?

Can Alkaline Water and a Alkaline Diet Reduce Fatigue & Pain? Did you know that poor nutrition may be contributing to your fatigue, decreased stamina and pain? It is common that people’s diets in Australia contains high levels of sugars and processed foods.

Trace Minerals: What’s Up With Today’s Trace Minerals?

MEDICAL JOURNAL SAYS: TRACE MINERALS IN FRUITS AND VEGETABLES HAVE DECLINED BY AS MUCH AS 76% SINCE 1940! What if you read headlines like this in your local newspaper, or heard them being announced on the evening news-what would you think? What would you do? Would you go looking for those vegetable seeds you bought a few years ago? Move to the country and plant a garden?

What Do Antioxidants Do? A Simple Explanation of the Ever Powerful Antioxidants

What do antioxidants do? We hear about them being good for us and all that. So what’s the big deal? Here is a simple explanation of the ever powerful antioxidants, and other healthy tips.

Don’t Diet: Develop Strategies to Get Slim or Stay Slim

If dieting worked long term we wouldn’t have an obesity problem in America. Eating strategies should replace dieting. Eating strategies are proactive choices you make, with a focus on choice rather than self-denial. Eating strategies open the door to selection and creativity, allowing an individual to personalize the what, where, and when of food consumption. As you raise your consciousness and learn to think in a healthy paradigm, success will come..

Left Home Without Healthy Food, Now What?

Picture this, sitting right on the bottom shelf of your refrigerator is a plastic travel container packed with a proper portion size of leftover food from the night before, along with individually bagged apple slices, a nice medley of almonds with raisins, and two 20 ounce water bottles to help wash all that nutritious food down. But the problem is you ran out of the house in a hurry and completely forgot you had packed all this delicious food to take with you to work. There’s no need to throw your hands up in the air and say “oh well” and opt to get a double bacon cheeseburger combo from the nearest fast food spot at lunchtime. Here’s what to do.

Vitamin Water Ingredients Explained

Are the vitamin water ingredients helpful for you? The creation of the first sports drink at the University of Florida in the mid 60’s started the use of sports beverages by athletes. Since then we have seen another come on the market for the 1988 Olympics. Vitamin water has now become popular but the ingredients are far more than just vitamins in water.

Vegetable Protein – The Top 6 Choices

Vegetable protein? Really? That is a common reaction as most people do not think of protein outside of the meat food group or from beans. In reality, vegetarians get their protein from plant sources. Here are the top 6 sources of vegetable protein.

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