The Best Time To Have A Cheat Meal (TREAT YOURSELF!)

Black Maca – How It’s Different and Who It’s For

Discover the least cultivated of all Maca colors: Black Maca. Find out what makes it special and specifically what it’s good for.

If You Like to Be Healthy, Consume More Water

Everyone is aware that we simply cannot live without water and that it is one of our body’s key needs. Despite the fact that we all are aware of this, it is easy to forget how essential water is to our all around health.

Busting the Fats Myth

We’ve all been there, the scale’s number is higher than remembered. We begin to count calories and fat grams, but don’t see results. A low fat diet doesn’t work, because our bodies need fat. We don’t just enjoy fatty foods, but we need them for a healthy body that functions properly. The trick is to create a lifestyle that includes healthy fats over unhealthy fats.

To Meat or Not to Meat, That Is the Question

When it comes to including meat, fish, poultry and other animal proteins such as eggs and dairy into the diet, most health and nutrition experts don’t like to come down firmly on one side of the debate. Why is this? Partly it can be reasoned that dietary choices such as vegetarian or pescatarian or vegan are very personal and can also become polemic. The other reason may be that there isn’t one ‘right’ answer to this ongoing conversation. What was true a millennium ago, a century ago, even 50 years ago isn’t always relevant or applicable to current times. There are many valid reasons to choose a vegetarian lifestyle, just as there are to keep meat in a diet.

Neuropathy Treatment, Your Health, and Vitamin B2

By definition, a vitamin is something our bodies can’t make on their own, that we must get from food. These are essential to life!

How Sea Vegetables Can Help Improve Thyroid Function

If you suffer from hypothyroidism – otherwise known as an ‘underactive thyroid’ – then you will know how debilitating and frustrating this condition can be. Here is some more information about hypothyroidism, and how sea vegetables can help improve thyroid function.

The Best Times to Drink a Protein Shake Smoothie

Protein shake smoothies are great additions to a healthy diet, but when exactly you drink them can influence their effectiveness. Don’t cut yourself short by being unaware of the most important times to drink them!

Prolong Life By Overcoming The Major Causes of Death

It has been said that there are only two sure things in life: death and taxes. In the case of taxes this surety does not stop people from managing their finances in a way which minimizes the amount they may owe.

Lemon Juice Remedies for Various Ailments

You’ve probably heard the wonderful benefits that lemon juice provides. Considered to be one of Mother Nature’s super foods, lemons and their juice are extremely nutritious and do nothing but good to the body. Aside from being an effective detoxification and weight loss aid, lemon juice is also known to heal and prevent countless of ailments and discomforts. Lemon juice contains plenty of essential vitamins and minerals that keep the body healthy, reducing risk of infections and other health problems. Remember, when life gives you lemons, eat each and every piece of it and you’ll surely be at your healthiest.

Lemon Juice and Weight Loss

Ever since the Master Cleanse was introduced in the 1940’s, lemon juice or lemon water has been regarded as an effective weight loss aid. Lemons are extremely nutritious fruits that have powerful antioxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that not only flush out toxic waste and other impurities from the body, but also help us maintain a healthy weight. If you’re looking for an easy to shed off those extra pounds, the best way to go is to do it naturally. 1 glass of fresh lemon juice each morning will help you lose weight the healthy way.

A Few Useful Facts For People Who Are In Search Of The Best Bee Pollen Supplement

Go into any health food store, or stores that stock dietary supplements, and you’re likely to see many different brands of bee pollen, or bee bread as it is sometimes called. The big problem facing most shoppers is how do you go about finding the best bee pollen supplement?

The Acid-Alkaline Model of Health

Many practitioners have come to believe that balancing body acidity is an important cornerstone of health. Is there a scientific basis for the acid-alkaline model? How can it influence your health? What practical steps can you take?

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