12 Minute At Home Follow Along Fat Burning Workout (TRY THIS!)

What About Water Intake For Fitness?

I have written about supplements and foods you should eat, and proteins but I am now going to touch on water. It is very important to take in enough water, but is often overlooked in today’s world of energy drinks and such.

Ten Superfoods You Need To Eat Every Week

Imagine a drug so powerful, it can lower your cholesterol, reduce your risk of cancer and heart disease, and as an added bonus, it also helps you to look and feel better. Oh, did I mention that it’s all-natural and there are no side effects?

Exploring Calories In Fruit

Nutritionists advise people of all ages to eat more fruits and vegetables, with an emphasis on raw produce and balancing the two. One reason this balance is important has to do with getting all of the necessary vitamins and minerals.

Snackaholics Anonymous

Are you a snackaholic? Do you crave foods between meals? Do you have a sweet tooth that nags you and demands treats? Are you also trying to lose weight? If you want to satisfy the snackaholic within you and still lose weight or maintain your figure, read on for some suggestions.

What Kills Abdominal Fat

As significant physical activity and exercise is to your body, equally crucial is to know what food is good for your body to stay away from excess fat. The most salient aspect to keep your body from accumulating that excess fat is to find answers to two key questions: Which foods kill belly fat? When does one eat it?

Foods to Stay Away From To Have a Healthy Body

Fitness is something that everyone desires to have, but how many people actually take the pain of eating right and leading the right lifestyle in order to maintain a good level of physical fitness? The answer is ‘Very few’ of course. If you have managed to lose a lot of weight and you wish to maintain a good looking body then you should watch what you eat.

Why Oils Can Never Be Health Foods Even If They Are Raw

Do you know that your body needs essential fatty acids which are contained in many oils? But do you you also know these so called healthy oils as many are advertised, are actually anything but good for your health and in fact can damage it? Find out in this article the real truth about oils and what you can do to make sure you get your essential fatty acids like omega 3 and 6 in a truly healthy way.

The Building Blocks of Bodybuilding Nutrition

As with any fitness individual or athlete, nutrition is essential for the building of a healthy body. Proper nutrition can help to optimize performance, improve strength, increase memory, improve endurance, reduce the risk of injury, and build mass. Read this article to create the strongest bodybuilding blocks.

Stem Cell Enhancing – A Natural Product to Increase Your Stem Cells

Stem cells have been in the news a lot lately, I guess that’s because its a safer more natural way to heal the body. If you could get a stem cell transplant rather than having invasive surgery, would that not be a better Idea. Having said that is your stem cell count enough? and what can you do to increase your stem cell count.

The War on Organic

The resistance to encouraging consumers to buy organic food begs the question: why don’t health experts stress the importance of avoiding conventional meat and produce? Several popular health shows and publications have recently dismissed organic as too expensive and having little benefit. What they are not taking into account, however, is the severe environmental and social damage our current food system is laying on all of us.

Post-Workout Meals: A Plan to Fuel Your Body

Time and time again, we would hear our fitness instructors at the gym or on a workout video state how important it is to eat a healthy, nutritious meal after every workout. The main purpose is that your body breaks down the muscle during and after the workout; your body is entering a state called the catabolic. If you do not replenish your body after each workout, your muscles will not be fully recovered and injury can occur if you continue to push your body to the limits without proper nutrition after the workout.

The Healthy Apple

A lot of people think of Apples as a fruit that taste really good, and also as a FOOD THAT KILLS STOMACH FAT. Apples are also great in fighting constipation and helping us to stay regular.

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