How I Work My Arms At 59 (AT HOME Arm Workout!)

Kale – Why Through History It Has Been a Super Food

One of the foods that are sometimes a forgotten superfood is that leafy vegetable called kale. It has a long history of being cultivated, even dating back before the Greeks and Romans. In fact this vegetable related to cabbage is thought to be one of the earliest vegetables cultivated by man anywhere. Until the end of the Middle Ages kale was one of the most popular foods grown in Europe.

The Medicinal Qualities of Spices That Should Be in Every Diet

The typical Western diet has gotten quite a lot of criticism in the last few years, and undoubtedly for good reason. It is kept us well fed but it has not kept us healthy. Perhaps one of the major reasons is the lack of natural spices added to our cooking. Rather than adding these wonderfully healthy and nutritious spices that do so much for the taste of food, we put in preservatives, sweeteners and unhealthy fat. Here we will describe why you should be using spices.

Chiropractic Care And Nutrition – A Healthy You!

Why Nutritional Counseling Is Important With Chiropractic Care – Have you ever wondered how nutrition is linked with chiropractic care? Well, the answer is simple- the goal of chiropractic therapies is to help patients achieve total health and this is definitely not possible without providing the body proper nutrition. This is the reason that chiropractors also help patients with nutritional counseling.

10 Reasons to Eat More Garlic

Garlic is one of the most commonly used spices around the world. Are you wondering why you should add it to your diet? Here are ten convincing health reasons you simply cannot ignore.

A Healthier You Is Easy to Achieve

Good health is not just the absence of sickness and or diseases. It is also a state of well being including physical, mental and even emotional well being. If you want to be healthy, you must pay attention to your health and cultivate a healthy life style which begins with nutritional diet combined with other physical activities.

Will Eating Fish Lower Heart Disease?

They told us to eat fish. It is healthy, most of the time. Here the best kinds of fish and where to get them.

If You Are What You Eat

Food Allergies are a growing concern for children and adults. The food source has been corrupted and now the increased “non-food” in our food source is making us increasingly allergic.

African American Botanist Sowed Seeds of Good Health

There is a long list of “power foods,” and at the top of the heap you’ll find sweet potatoes and peanuts. Surprisingly the two have more in common than their popularity on the “hot” list. Both of the foodstuffs were studied by Dr. George Washington Carver who invented numerous uses for them. Carver was an African American botanist and inventor in Alabama during the early twentieth century. His life’s work focused on agriculture and these foods among others.

Food Additive Watch: Azodicarbonamide

If you are like me, the only reason you might recognize this lengthy word is because of Food Babe, the online food sleuth, who popularized it last year by calling it the “yoga mat” chemical. Subway was the main target, being called out for having this compound in their breads. While they took most of the heat, the truth is a number of other companies in the food industry have been using this chemical as well and likely they are breathing a deep sigh of relief that no one came after them first. Many of them, in fact, have quietly removed it.

The Benefits Of Rotten Food (And I Don’t Mean Sugar!)

Fermented foods can benefit the digestive system and our general health. This article discusses the effects of unbalanced gut bacteria, how fermented foods can help, and examples of fermented foods.

6 Simple and Healthy Italian Eating Habits

Italians live longer then almost the entire rest of the world. This factor may be attributed to their eating habits. I share with you 5 easy eating habits I have learned from the Italians.

Whole 30 Diet

After seeing some of my friends embrace the Whole 30 Diet, I’ve decided to give it a try and hope to drop some weight, as I organically change my overall eating routine. My hope is that this article will provide a bit of humanity, humor and information about this diet, instead of the rigid, inflexible types that most are used to seeing.

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