Lower Body Superset Workout For Men Over 50 – Part 2

Eating Healthy And A Good Night’s Sleep Really Do Help Kids Learn

To back what many parents already believe in, a study shows that healthy eating and a good nights sleep habit can help children do good in school. The brain can not work properly if a child is not getting enough calories and most of the time this is not an issue.

Truvia Vs Stevia: What Am I Really Eating?

What exactly IS stevia and where does it come from? How is it made into a sweetener like Truvia, and is Truvia really an all-natural sweetener?

Healthy Eating For Children

We’ve all been bombarded by information, hype and outright fluff regarding diet. Everybody’s an expert, and everybody has a theory.

The Five Best Values in Nutritional Supplements

The following five supplements work as advertised and they form the base of my supplement program. If I had to reduce the money that I spent on supplements, I would stop taking everything except for these five.

Use This Great Old-Fashioned Remedy to Fight Colds This Winter

While we prepare for this winter’s cold and flu season, most of us are probably hitting the drug store to stock up on our medications. We hear advice on how we should increase our intake of vitamin C, along with many other cold and flu combatants, some based on not more than old wife’s tails. But there is one standby that has been around for centuries but has for some reason lost some of its luster, and that is fresh garlic.

This Popular Grain Derivative That Can Make You Fat

Is corn considered a vegetable or a grain? It is thought to be a vegetable if it is harvested early and eaten fresh, and a grain if harvested when it is dried. Both can yield wonderful health benefits in the form of nutrients that our bodies need, and it also yields an impressive array of derivatives. But one, high fructose corn syrup is regarded as playing a primary role in obesity in the United States and elsewhere. Many doctors and dieticians are calling for an end to government subsidies of this harmful product.

Five Fitness Foods That Provide Healthy Fats

A healthy diet is vital to a great exercise program. What you eat will make or break what you are trying to accomplish with even the most thought-out and perfectly executed fitness program. But contrary to what many people believe, fats should not be avoided when you are putting together your list of fitness foods. But let’s be clear, only healthy fats.

The Best Dieting Tool

In recent years it seems like the stores have been flooded by the latest and greatest piece of equipment, meal replacement shake, protein powder, or other substance that is claiming that it will help propel you to your physical goals. Some of the items that you might find might be an enigma, but its creator will stand behind the fact that it does work. There are things out there like those belts that shock your midsection to help get you those chiseled abs that you have been looking for.

Store Peak Tomatoes and Herbs for Year ‘Round Good Eating

During these waning days of summer, I’m being a bit greedy, trying to get my fill of the fresh flavors of locally grown fruit and vegetables. Fresh is good-but forward thinking folks go a step further and “put up” some of these goodies. Tomatoes are one of the best choices to preserve-you can’t enjoy a fresh slice on a sandwich, but in sauce, pizza, soup, chili or nachos the ones you’ve preserved will punch up the flavor a lot more than off-season options from the supermarket.

The Scary Truth About Obesity and Lifestyle Choices

The sad case is that obesity is preventable. If it’s not genetically caused, it is the result of poor diet and lack of exercise. Both are clearly lifestyle choices. Indeed, just how much hype is there about healthy eating and getting active, but still studies indicate disturbing statistics: between 110,000-350,000 deaths in the United States are attributed to obesity every year, and a staggering 1 million deaths in Europe are blamed on it. To be blunt, those whose excess weight are not hereditary or caused by endocrine disorders or mental illnesses, are choosing slow and painful deaths. This perception is rather scary because then you would look at obesity mortality rates as conscious choices to end one’s life.

Proteins for Vegetarians

Protein is important for good health. It is present in large quantity in non-vegetarian foods like chicken, meat, and pork. However when vegetarians are considered, the protein rich foods are less in number. Extra care has to be taken for people who decide to change from non-vegetarians to vegans. The lack of proteins will decrease the muscular strength and make you look weak. Proteins have amino acids and help the bones and tissues to grow. It also helps in repairing the worn out tissues. Thus increasing care has to be taken so that the body gets sufficient amount of protein.

10 Best Foods for Cancer Prevention

About 35 percent of cancers are related to nutritional factors. For cancer prevention, eat foods that are rich in nutrients to help protect your body’s cells from damage, such as these.

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