How To Supercharge Your Workouts (EAT THIS NOT THAT!)

Save a Resolution! Stay Healthy This Holiday Season!

The main keys to staying healthy during this time of year are the same as any other time of year: Proper diet and frequent exercise. With the following useful tips, you can minimize the excess pounds while still being able to enjoy your favorite holiday feast.

Ditch The Wheat To Lose Weight

If you are looking for one sure fire way to lose weight (body fat) quickly and effectively without exercising or going on a diet, I would say that it is to eliminate wheat from your diet. Did you know that the wheat that we currently eat in our breads, breakfast cereals, pastas and soups (yes even in soups) has been genetically modified and as a result what we think we are eating is not the same as what we are actually eating? And to top that off it is also very addictive and generally makes…

The Battle Between Muscle and Fat: Part II

We have been told for years that fat is bad. Just how bad, nobody knew. Recent studies, however, have found that substituting carbohydrates for fat was not the solution to reducing our fat levels. Just the opposite; we now know that this assumption was based on bad research.

7 Tips to Speed Up Your Metabolism

Do you suffer with a sluggish metabolism? Would you like to learn how to speed up your metabolsim. Learn 7 tips to do just that in this article.

Will Colostrum Help My Psoriasis?

Colostrum or “first milk” as it is often called is fortified with the essential nutrients a newborn needs when starting out in life. Come and see if this might just help your psoriasis.

Healthcare Is Not Medical Care

Our bodies are built from the food we eat. When we get sick. If we ask our doctor, we’re likely to get a prescription for relief of symptoms but we usually come away with no better idea of the cause. And sooner or later we become toxic to the pill that relieves our symptoms and get into further trouble.

Rapid Fat Loss – 10 Pounds In 12 Days, Is That The Best Method?

There are literally hundreds of different plans on the market for you to choose from when it comes to finding a plan for eating to lose weight. They all have their theory backed by a trainer, possibly a nutritionist, and they all come with a workout generically designed to help you lose weight. In recent weeks another sales pitch for a diet that claims it could help you drop ten pounds in twelve days made it to the email inbox.

Healthy Holiday Recipes

It’s almost Turkey day! Yummy foods and time with family is great, but expanding waist lines are not so great! Stay healthy this Holiday season while still staying delicious with a few of my favorite Healthy Holiday Recipes!

The Importance of Eating Breakfast on Weight Loss and Muscle Building

Most people know that they should eat breakfast, but did you know that you may be sabotaging your weight loss or muscle building efforts if you skip it? Eating breakfast has important metabolic effects that can contribute to weight loss and muscle gain, which means breakfast is for everyone.

How Do Enzymes Work: Enzyme Inhibition

Enzyme inhibitors in seeds such as whole grains, nuts and beans, although serving the purpose of preventing premature germination, can lead to mineral deficiencies. To circumvent this problem it is important to know how to neutralize the inhibitors without destroying the health giving enzymes themselves.

GM: The Experiments Are Being Done, But Do We Like the Outcome?

Do we need genetic modification? Do we need dairy products? You decide!

How Do Enzymes Work: Structure

It is simply amazing how enzymes work. Some of these tiny bio-activators are specifically designed to latch onto just one single mineral atom. And this one atom is essential to the enzyme functioning!

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