3 Best And Worst Shoulder Exercises For Men Over 50 (USE GOOD FORM!)

A Meat-Free Diet Is More Than Just a Food Choice

Why do people choose to have a meat-free diet? It can be for several reasons. And while some choose a meat-free vegetarian diet, others choose a completely animal-free, vegan diet and choose to not only abstain from eating animals, but also animal products such as dairy and eggs. But whether vegetarian or vegan, the choice usually goes far beyond just being a diet.

Choosing a Household Water Filter

Household water filters come in various types and sizes. Choose one that’s right for your house and budget, and gives your family cleaner, healthier water.

11 Nutritional Superfoods That You Must Add to Your List

Health and wellness starts from nourishing yourself from the inside out. Here are 11 nutrient rich foods that you must add to your shopping list.

Importance of Contract Manufacturing: An Overview

Contract manufacturers have taken up the task of manufacturing medicines, tablets, dietary supplements and other drugs. They take care of manufacturing, packing, labelling with utmost care to ensure safety. They adhere to the safety standards and guidelines to produce necessary potencies in the products.

Vitamin D: Benefits and Sources

Vitamin D is an essential vitamin. However, majority of people in the United States are suffering from Vitamin D deficiency today. This article contains the major sources as well as benefits of Vitamin D intake in the daily nutrition.

3 Tips For Healthy Weight Loss – The Key To Lifelong Success

Have you ever been disappointed that after trying diet after diet, you found that you had actually gained weight? Losing weight requires a new way of thinking and hard work; it is never easy.

The Truth About Protein Intake

We have all been hearing the same story from just about every single trainer, body builder, and internet marketer on the subject, you have to eat protein and you have to eat a lot of it. If it were that simple this article would come to an albeit brief conclusion, but there is a little more to it than that. First, the real reason why it is critical to your diet is because it is the building block of all muscle tissue in your body.

Nutrition: The Cause Of The Office Workers Demise

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, business professional, writer, or technology mogul, chances are you spend a lot of time in an office. At home, at work, it makes no difference.

Benefits Of A Sugar Free Diet

We all know that too much sugar is bad for our teeth and may lead to weight gain, but what other negative effects can sugar have on the body? This articles discusses the benefits of removing refined sugar from the diet completely.

Dieting Should Not Be About Subtraction

It is becoming more apparent that the mass of dieting literature to flood hyperspace is leaning more towards the idea of ‘subtraction’ as a means of helping you reach your weight loss goals. Subtract calories, subtract grains, subtract meat (if you are going vegan), and even subtracting macro-nutrients such as fat has been an idea given to the general public as a possible way to shed those unwanted pounds. There is just one problem with that- subtracting from your plan of eating to lose weight does not always work.

Healthy Horizons – The Right Kind of Cure

Have you lately felt fatigue at work or maybe disconnections with the real world when with friends? Well the reason behind such symptoms is stress and it’s more likely counterparts, the world sometimes throws at us. Every one of us has been sick at least once in our life to readily understand the concerns.

Nutritional Supplements: An Effort to Let You Stay Healthy

Nutritional Supplements are health products containing nutrients that are commonly found in food. These supplements are usually taken orally. They contain a list of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, co-factors, glandular extracts, herbs, enzymes, phytonutrients etc.

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