How Heavy Should You Lift To Build Muscle AFTER 40?

Delicious Walnut Health Benefits: Advantages for Brain, Heart, Fertility

Walnuts are perhaps the most famous tree nut of all and have been named the “Healthiest of all Nuts”. They are rich in plant-based fats and are a good source of the B-vitamins and many minerals. Even though walnuts are one of the easiest foods to eat, they are also a powerful weapon against chronic diseases.

10 Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Kids

For children, a healthy breakfast is even more important as it helps improve performance and concentration through the day: whether in school or for those extracurricular activities. Giving healthy breakfast to children not only ensures supply of proper nutrition but also helps in forming and establishing good eating routine.

Diet Tips for 2016 – Add These 10 Foods This Year to Make Your Diet Strong!

You need to choose your food wisely to have a healthy and strong body. Check out what 10 foods can give you a good and healthy diet!

Vitamin D – A Deficiency Story

Most of the time we get our vitamin D supply directly from the sunlight we encounter when we go outside. Our bodies naturally react when we absorb up the sun’s beautiful rays and our bodies go into overdrive, producing plenty of the good stuff.

Foods To Avoid For Good Health

What you eat largely determines how healthy you are. Unhealthy eating puts you at a great risk of diseases and you therefore have to take control of your eating and select the best foods to achieve and maintain good health. So much has been said about what the healthy foods are but what foods should you make a point of avoiding if you want to enjoy better health?

6 Simple and Tasty Healthy Recipes for Kids

Feeding kids is fun, but sometimes ends up in a disaster! That is why you need to spice up healthy recipes to get them interested in eating a lot of healthy foods.

Plan Your Grocery List for Better Health Options Because Food Matters

For anyone who is toying with the idea of finally taking control of his or her own health must start at the beginning: Plan your grocery list. That means replacing some of the food from the past, just gradually will do. It is fact that food labels don’t tell all, but become familiar with them and become aware of the culprits and certain ingredients to avoid. Along the way this becomes a learning curve, and over time you will know what to avoid.

Surviving the Holidays With Minimal Nutrition Damage

Sure, you’ve read tips on surviving the holidays before. Here is a practical and usable set of tips for negotiating parties, buffets and social dinners in the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s.

3 Tips for Putting Out the Fire of Inflammation

Do you hear about inflammation from your doctor or in the news, but not exactly sure what it means for your health? Acute inflammation is your body’s natural response to an injury (a cut or break) or an infection (a virus or bacteria). This inflammatory response is crucial for your body to heal. Unfortunately, chronic inflammation is inflammation that persists over a longer period of time and plays a role in heart disease, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, some types of cancer and obesity.

A Healthy Winter

Gorging on delicious food during winters is natural. Keeping a tab on what to eat is important.

Tips for a Healthy Festive Season

Make sure that your waistline doesn’t grow with the festive season. It’s a season to be joyful so people attend many festivities throughout this period. The pressure from family and friends is on us to eat and drink much throughout the festive season. Emotional eating also tends to creep in as it’s a joyful time. Many people go on holiday during this time so you eat more while you’re having fun with family and friends. But you still need to take care of your health.

10 Amazing Benefits Of Clarified Butter (Ghee)

‘Clarified Butter’ or ‘Ghee’ is a staple in South-Asian cuisines and often used instead of butter. Ghee is prepared by drying out the liquid content of butter completely until a nutty residue is left. Apart from its usage in the culinary industry, Ghee is also used in religious rituals and Ayurvedic medicines throughout South Asia.

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