How To Get More Energy For Your Workouts After 50 (4 MUST USE TIPS!)

Health Psychology – The 3 Stages That Everyone Must Pass Through To Become Healthier

Health Psychology is a branch of wellness that often gets overlooked. In order for one to improve their health they must first begin with the mind. Usually health enhancement is viewed under the guides of the solely the consumption of fruits and vegetables. That is certainly a big aspect to your health but it is actually the end portion of the journey. Your brain is the control center to your body. It has been said that “as above, so below.” Whatever comes from your brain will eventually resonate throughout your body. With this concept in mind it is safe to say that your mind must be stable and fortified before you can experience supreme health. We have discovered that there are three imperative stages that a person must undergo during their ascension to a healthful life. These steps are non-negotiable and cannot be skipped or eliminated. It would be virtually impossible for someone to bypass one of these stages and arrive at flawless health. These three basic steps can also be applied to any undertaking in life. Below are the action stages necessary to arrive at destination “disease-free life.”

How to Cut Down on Fat in Your Diet

If you are trying to cut fat out of your diet, look no further. Here we have some great tips about how to cut down on fat and create a healthier diet for yourself.

The Top 7 Fun Ways to Eat Chia Seeds

Learn the top 7 most fun ways to eat chia seeds. These super nutritious seeds aren’t some health food chore. There are lots of creative, tasty ways to use them. This quick article explains the top seven, plus includes a recipe for chia creamy fudgy popsicles that are healthy too.

Chocolate Peanut Butter: Spread and Eat

Easy to store, great to eat, the nutty, creamy and buttery chocolate peanut spread simply makes your day! Let’s no more deny, Jelly sandwiches with creamy nutty spread are simply classic! (To be honest, I have not been able to outgrow a delicious PB&J.) The nutty chocolate peanut butter when taken in moderation is nutritious for health.

Eating Healthy – Simple Tricks To Stay On Track

We are heading into the holiday season and you know what that means, eating healthy is going to start getting a little tougher to do. It’s not impossible, just a little more challenging. To help you stay on track try some simple ‘tricks’.

Buying Seed, Bean, and Legume Sprouters: What to Look For

Nowadays, more and more people who want to have a healthy diet are growing their own sprouts. Home grown sprouts are not just delicious and full of nutrients, but also economical and ecological. Even though you could use basic sprout cultivation methods to grow your sprouts at home, to simplify the task, to enforce a hygienic germination process, and to avoid other potential problems such as forgetting to rinse the sprouts at regular intervals, it is recommended to use commercially available sprouters. The article will describe the important features to look for when buying a commercially available sprouter.

Fructose – The Sweet Poison: Are You Eating Too Much of It?

Fructose is most likely the number one cause of obesity in the world and contributes to many diseases, such as diabetes, non-alcoholic fatty liver and others. Because it’s added to virtually all processed foods, it’s highly likely that you’re eating too much of it. What foods do you need to avoid in order to lower your fructose consumption? Which fruits have too much fructose and which are the best to eat?

Diet Needs of the Aging

There are many rewards for taking care of ourselves as we age. Two major reasons would be to have more energy to do the things that bring you pleasure, and also to lower your medical costs.

Improve Performance With Vegetables

A diet rich with vegetables can help you train harder, recover faster from workouts, heal injuries, reduce inflammation of joints, and improve energy. Daily consumption of fresh produce combats the extreme drain on chemical fuel that is part of intense sprinting, weight lifting, and jump training. By eating a broad range of vegetables, athletes can get optimal performance from their central nervous system, the ultimate source of speed. Most of all, vegetables aid in the absorption of other nutrients.

Health – The Nutritional Value Of Using Sugarcane

It is hard to believe how the world would be without sugar, though many would argue that many dental issues would be forgotten; however, it is also important to know that sugar has very many advantages. According to ancient historic facts, New Guinea is considered to be the origin of sugarcane, from where it spread to India, and then to the rest of the world. The commercialization of sugar led to the increase in production of the same, and today sugar is one of the products you will hardly miss in any home around the world.

Healthier Snacking – Substituting Junk Foods With Trailmix

When you think of snacks the first thoughts that may enter your mind are those of health debilitating foods such as candy, potato chips, ice cream and other refined food items that are sold in packages. These foods are not what health experts would consider authentic snacks. They fit more in the category of junk foods. Although the health and wellness education industry is growing, there are still a considerate amount of people who are not sincerely concerned with their state of health or diet. The purpose of eating snacks is to sustain you until your next meal or possible the next day in some instances. One of the most overlooked causes of illness is the over ingestion of refined junk foods. People may eat what we would consider to be a healthy meal but in between meals they gorge on things they do not promote optimal health. This kind of activity is an exercise in futility because you negate the good meal that was consumed by the inappropriate snacking. Snacks should be something that will add value to your life. Just because the meal portion is smaller does not give just cause to eat recklessly.

Which Antioxidants Are Found in Carrots

  When you eat carrots, not only are you getting the right antioxidants, you are fighting off a compromised immune system which keeps us healthy. Recent studies have shown that mashing up carrots may give you even more nutrients than just eating them whole. Carrots have been measured raw and cooked, and the cooked carrots have more nutrients.

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