How To Boost Your Testosterone WITHOUT Extra Exercise (Do THIS!)

Reishi, Nature’s Little Miracle

Reishi is herb that is grown in China and is surrounded by myth and superstition. So much so, it can be confusing to separate fact from fiction, but due to the amazing healing qualities of this herb it is worth the effort. In this article I will delve into its past and show some of the history and some of the myths, and also some of the facts that make this one of nature’s greatest super-foods.

Should We Rethink the Health Benefits of Saturated Fats?

The common thinking for so long has been that saturated fats are unhealthy. It began with a 1953 study that stated that fat intake caused death from heart disease. Even though that study has since been discredited for errors in its methodology for as far back as 1957, there is still the misconception that saturated fat is harmful to our health.

Protein Diet Shakes – How Do They Work?

Protein Diet Shakes are appealing whether it’s just to save time instead of eating a full meal or if you are trying to lose weight or bulk up after a work-out. There are a great many protein diet shakes on the market so be sure to check the ingredients to discover which one is right for you.

The Big Reason GMOs Are Dangerous

The debate about genetically-modified organisms has raged for over a decade. Today, a leading holistic doctor explains why allowing GMOs in food is a dangerous game that puts humanity’s healthy future at risk.

Why Do So Many People Care for Their Car More Than Their Health?

If you inherited a $500,000 Rolls Royce, would leave it out in the weather, never change the oil and fuel it with the cheapest gas you could find? OR, would you baby it, take care of it and protect it to ensure it maintained its value and lasted forever??? Well, is this car more valuable than your health, your body, your life? If it’s not, why then don’t you treat your health the same way you would this car?

Processed Foods to Avoid for Longevity and Dynamic Health

Processed food makes up about 90% of the average American diet. Research indicates that a diet high in processed food can lead to inflammation, disease, and premature aging. Find out how to reduce the amount of processed food in your diet and what foods you should be eating to combat disease.

Keeping To The Diet This Holiday

Diets are hard this time of year. There are many temptations. Here are 5 tips to get you through the holidays, perhaps a little lighter.

Health Benefits of Apples and Their Phytonutrients

Apples contain a plethora of health benefits. These health benefits of apples are due to the phytonutrients and antioxidants found in the skin and flesh of the apple.

How to Give Up Habits, Compulsions and Addictions

Whether it’s giving up habits, compulsions and addictions for diet weight loss, quitting smoking, drinking or anything else, I have used this simple highly successful formula and it costs nothing! It does, however, require simple changes to be made and adhered to along the way and this is the key.

Where Do We Start When It Comes to Healthy Eating and Nutrition

What way is the best way to start when it comes to healthy eating? I think there are many ways but it’s how you focus on what is important to you.

Super Foods – Let’s Examine Two

There are foods out there called super foods. You can also get them in supplement form. I wish to look at two of them.

The Truth About How To Lower LDL Cholesterol

If you suffer from high cholesterol levels, you probably think that it is caused by eating too much cholesterol or animal fat. You also probably think that cholesterol is the evil plug that will clog your coronary arteries and cause a heart attack. May be you’re wondering how to lower LDL cholesterol. May be also you have already started adopting a low fat diet or taking statin drugs to lower your cholesterol under the belief that if you lower your cholesterol all will be well.

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