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Wake Up, America! Your Breakfast (And Every Other Meal) Is Full Of Chemicals!

With the rate of illness skyrocketing in America, this article sets out to uncover the causes driving the rise of ADHD, allergies, autism, obesity, Parkinson’s disease, and more and points to pesticides and genetically-modified organisms as underlying causes. Furthermore, it discusses FDA and USDA food label guidelines, what’s bad about processed foods, and what action steps readers can take to improve food choices and our overall food supply.

15 Tips for Better Family Nutrition

This list of tips for better family nutrition is a compilation that have worked with numerous patients over the years in a variety of settings with a myriad of backgrounds. Not every tip may work for you but focusing on one or two will still help you to stay healthy.

Are You Over 70? Here Are the Supplements You Need to Take

If you have been fortunate to reach 70+ years and are still in good health you need to do some things to insure that you maintain that health. There are many supplements that can help with a vast variety of ailments but there are three that almost everyone can benefit from and help make your golden years healthier and more enjoyable.

Walt Disney Taught Me About GMO’s, Seriously

Many people associate organic foods with vegetarian or veganism. The moment they read the word “organic” they leave the page. Well, I am neither a vegan nor a vegetarian.

Easy Changes in Food Choices That Will Make You Healthy

We talk about foods that provide nutrition, and by eating a healthy balanced diet with these foods that cover the nutritional gamut we should be able to provide all of our nutritional needs without having to resort to vitamins. But there are a number of foods that we eat on a regular basis that add to our toxic load. In this article we will talk about some of those popular foods, along with what we should eat instead.

Total Body Health – Your Body Needs Bacteria

Our bodies require a balance of good bacteria and bad bacteria. In moderation, each has its own task to keep our bodies healthy.

Plan B: Stabilizing Blood Sugar and Brain Chemicals On the Fly (And Avoiding Sugar!)

What do you do when you need food and have limited options? This story illustrates an important principle in choosing alternatives.

Why You Should Add Chili To Your Diet

Common to most Asian cultures, chili has been known to have quite a number of benefits. Most people just use the many varieties as additives on their foods, but it will surprise you what the benefits of its continued use can have on your body. They have been used as medicinal plants for the longest time. Since the pre-Columbian times to today, chilies have been widely used as a natural remedy to some of the many ailments that people suffer from on a constant basis. There are reasons why you should have a chilly feel to your next meal.

What Does the Word “Natural” in Natural Food Really Mean?

As consumers, we’ve come to believe foods labeled “natural” are healthy and wholesome. We’ve been led to view them as nutritious, good food choices that are healthy for us to eat. The reality is very different from that perception.

Be Picnic Perfect This Summer

It’s important to consider healthy food choices and food safety when planning your next picnic. Here’s your guide to Picnic 101.

Are You Eating 2,200 Calories At One Meal?

Eating 2,200 calories at one meal may seem ridiculous, however you may be surprised how often this happens when you look at the actual numbers. Take a look at this interesting fact.

Fluid: The Forgotten Lunch Ingredient

Why fluid is important at lunch in making sure you work at your best for the rest of the day. And some tips on how to increase your fluid intake.

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