Surprising High Protein Foods (ADD THESE TO YOUR DIET!)

The Number On The Scale Is A Relative Number

Whether your goal is eating to lose overall body weight, or eating to lose body fat percentage, that number that you see on the scale is really irrelative, and is likely the culprit for why most diets and workouts fail. One thing that you should know is that if you pick up a weight, the chance of you seeing that number increase on the scale is pretty good. Believe it or not eating to lose weight and eating to lose body fat are two completely different things.

3 Diet Mistakes Made By Bodybuilders And How To Avoid Them To Get Better Results At The Gym Part 2

Are you working your butt off at the gym but not getting the results you would like? You might be making one of the 3 common diet mistakes mentioned in this article.

Water – The Other Drink

Everybody drinks water. In fact, all living things need water to survive. Sure, soda is sweeter and fruit juices are fun, but nothing satisfies the thirst like water. Why is water so important and how much should you be drinking every day? Read on to find the answers to these questions.

10 Tips to Boost Your Metabolism

Learn how to speed up metabolism so you can potentially burn more fat. Get 10 tips to help you turn your body into the fat burning machine it was meant to be!

Twelve “Foods” and Substances That Challenge Your Health

This article share a list of things to eliminate to gain better health. Guidelines to eliminate toxins and strive for a balanced diet.

Components of Nutrition and Achieving Balance

We hear about the need for Good Nutrition to maintain our health. Well, what exactly is good nutrition? What are the components of good nutrition? This article provides us some insight and a list of the components of Good Nutrition. The key is achieving balance as we include the following six food components in our diets: Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats, Vitamins, Minerals, and Water.

Choosing the Best Organic Foods

You will be surprised to learn the truth about conventional foods and you will want to buy certain foods organically. Learn what to watch out for when you go shopping.

Avoiding Temptation: Healthy Snacking

Don’t let those sugary, fatty temptations get the best of you. Learn how and when to eat healthful snacks that will encourage a faster metabolic rate and will boost your willpower by keeping your stomach satisfied.

How to Get More Energy: Foods That Are Natural Energy Boosters

The current market is saturated with “energy boosting” products — usually toxic-waste-tinted beverages — that claim to effortlessly imbue their users with the ability to stay conscious and alert even after a week or two of sleep-deprivation. These products, while often startlingly effective at providing short, manic bursts of get-up-and-go, are usually manufactured using few ingredients naturally found on our planet. However, there’s some good news if you’re looking for purer sources of energy. Our planet, and our bodies, has some excellent ways of keeping you alert, if you know where to look and what to do. Here we will go over some foods that are great for keeping your energy levels up.

What Are Carbohydrates (Bodybuilding Nutrition)

If you’re about to embark on a new health and fitness plan, it’s imperative that you get your diet in order. As you go about this process, one question you may be asking yourself is what are carbohydrates, and, what role do they play in the body when it comes to building lean muscle mass, shedding body fat, and improving your health and fitness level.

The Alkaline Lifestyle

Food is necessary to feed the cells in your body and keep them healthy. However, many people have abused the true meaning of why they eat food. This article explains why eating an alkaline diet is important to your health.

Why Eat Six Meals a Day?

A common question: Does eating six meals a day really help me manage my weight? A simple answer: Yes…

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