Best Bodyweight Workout For Men (10 MINUTE FOLLOW ALONG)

Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins and minerals play an important part for a healthy lifestyle. They both have an important job to ensure the cells and hormones in the body function properly. The key summary from this article is that it is important to ensure a balanced diet is achieved, to ensure there is enough vitamins and minerals needed for good health.

3 Powerful Fatigue-Fighting Super Foods

If you’re fighting fatigue, you will find that returning to basic nutrition to be a good start. The old adage that says “you are what you eat” could not be more true. Try these 3 super foods and see your energy levels increase.

Breakfast: The Start Of All Weight Loss

It’s a well-known fact, or at least should be, that breakfast is the most important meal of the day for more reasons than one. Here are a few.

The Benefits of Juicing and a Juice Detox

There are many known benefits of juicing and a juice detox including healthier skin, weight loss and increased energy levels. There has been a reported increase in the sales of juicers and associated products as a new wave of celebrities endorse a juicing lifestyle.

How to Be a Smart Paleo Cheater

When you start any new eating plan there are things that you want to eat, things that you have to eat, and things that you need to avoid at all costs. Granted, eating Paleo is much more freeing than other diets out there. With Paleo, you make sure all of your meals have protein, good carbs (from vegetables), and good fats.

Fasting: Does It Have Any Health Benefits?

Fasting may have been an age-old practice but the benefits that it brings along to the body are immense. In most gyms nowadays, fasting is included as one of body therapies to help fight nutritional complications.

How Skipping Breakfast Can Improve Your Health And Make You Leaner

Fasting has been gaining more awareness lately, but it’s been around since the beginning of times. Our ancestors had to fast when food was scarce, which was actually quite often. It’s only thanks to the rise of agriculture that food is so abundant these days and we don’t have to fast anymore if we don’t want.

Frankenstein Food: The Monster We Created

Frankenstein food could not exist without ingredients created in a laboratory. Billions of dollars are spent creating cravings and irresistible taste. Salt, sugar and fat are not the ingredients that created the monster but they have been manipulated and enhanced with chemical ingredients-the real culprits. The cheapest food at the point of sale may actually be the most expensive food in the long run because of the health care costs created from a lifetime of eating it- if it’s nutritionally inferior.

Superfoods Are A Myth

Superfoods are good for you, but they aren’t a bandage or miracle-workers. I describe why here.

The Magic Key to Being Healthy

Wouldn’t you love a way to get healthy where you can ditch the diet? This article suggests a new way of looking at becoming healthier both in your mind and body!

I WORKOUT – How Much Protein Do I Really Need?

Protein and the importance of getting the appropriate amount each day. Discussing dietary protein and the lack of an upper limit. How much protein you need each day according to your activity levels.

Beneficial Nutraceuticals

Here you will learn about two necessary nutraceuticals that can enhance your over all health. Are you tired or weak, maybe you are looking for a healthier you! This article can give you the life changing information you may be looking for!

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