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8 Natural Ways to Increase Metabolism

To lose or gain weight we work on our diet and exercise routine. It is quite affective but it is important to know a few basic things about the body that are responsible for the increase or decrease in body weight. Everyone eats food but why do some people gain weight faster than others? Or why do some people never seem to gain weight irrespective of what and how much they eat? It’s all a matter of our metabolism.

Travelling and Breast-Feeding

Some mothers might choose not to breast-feed because they travel a lot or they might be away from their babies for short periods of time. However, travelling or proximity is something that should not put you off breast-feeding. In this day and age, mothers should be able to breast-feed anywhere they want, no matter where they are in the world, even if they are out in public.

Why You Should Breast-Feed Your Baby

As soon as new mothers find out that they are pregnant, they decide that they want the best for their baby. This is a normal reaction and all part of human nature. New mothers have a lot of decisions to make and one of the most important decisions is whether or not they should breast-feed their baby.

Salt Campaign

Every year Consensus Action On Salt promotes a yearly campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of excess salt. This Article will explain the dangers of excess salt in our diets.

A Pre-Ride, No Sugar, No Bonk Breakfast (With Variations)

Fueling for athletics always seems to be about sugar, but better ways and better fuels exist. This article covers several time-tested, sugar free breakfasts that can help you stay energized throughout your training or ride.

Unhealthy Foods That You Should Avoid at All Costs

Let’s face it, being health conscious is a great thing to be, as we should never underestimate the importance of being fit and healthy, no matter what. In order to be fitter and healthier, the general rule of thumb is to eat less junk food, eat healthier food, and do more exercise. As far as the food is concerned, that is where people often struggle, as they simply have no idea what they should and should not be consuming.

Do You Know The Most Powerful Healing Foods?

There is a huge variety of natural healing foods for almost any health condition. Unfortunately many don’t know, and some don’t care. For the wrong reason many people are relying more on drug medicine or the wrong dietary advice. Since back in the 1970s and 80s we’ve been told to have no salt, red meat, eggs, butter, oils: “Wrong”! Not having them has actually caused most of the problems.

Know the Specific Benefits of Fruit and Vegetables to Customize Potent Juice Combinations

The benefits of every fruit and vegetable are endless and when consumed in various combinations will result in benefits that will be greater than the sum of its parts. Juicing allows us to combine a greater quantity of fruit and vegetables to get the most out of them; a benefit that is not easily attainable when they are eaten whole. Here are the specific benefits of popular fruit and vegetables used in juicing. Customized juice combinations that suit your needs will bring you added nutritional benefits, aid you in overcoming particular disorders and help speed your way to improved and excellent health.

Five of the Healthiest Foods on the Entire Planet

When it comes to our overall health and general well-being, it’s safe to say that what we eat on a regular basis, can play a huge role in determining just how fit and healthy every single one of us actually is. You know the saying “you are what you eat” and when you take a second to actually think about what it means, it makes perfect sense. If you eat junk food that’s pumped full of harmful artificial additives, flavourings, and preservatives, as well as excess fat, salt, and sugar, you tend to look and feel like junk. If you eat fresh, wholesome, natural foods, you look great, and you feel great. If you’re looking to be healthier and happier, and let’s face it, who isn’t? Then here are five of the healthiest foods on the planet.

Top 10 Tips to Boost Metabolism in Your Body

Using foods as metabolism boosters may sound a little strange; however, the truth is that it works. Metabolism refers to the process of burning of consumed calories for the production of energy by the body.

10 Simple Truths About Nutrition

It’s so easy to be snarky about nutrition. The food environment we live in is like a minefield.

Stop Starving to Lose Weight Rapidly

An article discussing about how to lose weight by following healthy eating habits without depriving yourself or starving. The benefits of wellness instead of crash diets for sustained and optimum results in fat loss and ultimate health.

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