HOW TO LOSE 10 POUNDS | How I Lost 10 lbs in 7 Weeks Comfortably

All Fruits and Vegetables Are Not Created Equal

Here we’ve posted the results of the most sophisticated epidemiological study ever done. You’ll also learn the difference between a food that is weak and mild, as compared to a food that is powerful and strong, and what exactly makes them that way.

Snacking Hinders Weight Loss?

I’ve noticed a trend in the experience of my clients as they lose weight permanently.  Many of them experience fewer cravings, faster weight loss and are more in touch with their hunger and their bodies when they do NOT snack.

What Is The Difference Between Wheat Free and Gluten Free Diets?

The terms ‘gluten free’ and ‘wheat free’ are often used interchangeably, which is one of the biggest causes of confusion when you finally discover that they are not, in fact, the same thing. So, if there is a difference between wheat free and gluten free diets, what is it?

Eating Well: Habits That Keeps You Healthy

Eating well is not hard to do but to often we find ourselves saying: “I don’t have the time to eat”, when you neglect your healthy eating routine by not having a set mealtime or being overloaded at work. The above statement usually follows an unhealthy snack or a huge meal because missing a meal often results in an APPETITE that craves for things that are bad for the health.

Pregnancy Diet for the Second Trimester

Different trimester, different nutritional needs. At this point in your pregnancy your baby is already fully formed but it has a lot of growing to do. Your smart nutritional choices will help him or her grow healthy and strong. Discover what you and your baby need to thrive in this second trimester.

Simple to Follow Advice to Get Started Losing Weight

Looking to get started shedding those unwanted pounds. This article reveals simple yet solid advice that will help to start losing weight.

Genetically Modified Organisms

Learn everything you need to know about genetically modified organisms. GMO’s have many positive benefits but do they outweigh the negatives? Find out!

If You Have A Problem Letting Go

We have all been there. Something happens in our lives that changes us forever whether it be an accident, losing a loved one, or parting ways with someone whom you have spent a great deal of time with over the years. In the time period to follow such an event our minds tend to dwell on that part of our history more often than not.

Dietary Supplements Promotes More Balanced Health

Dietary supplements aids in maintaining the body’s nutrients level balanced. Insufficient diet or skipped meals often leads to the deficiency of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, etc, which makes the body prone to diseases. Dietary supplements cover up the deficiency of those nutrients and allow one to stay healthy.

5 Reasons You Should Consider Using a Juice Extractor

Juice enthusiasts are increasingly becoming popular simply, because they believe that taking in a lot of certain nutrients will cause a decrease of imbalances in the human body and enhance overall health. The thinking that juice is wholesome has existed for quite some time, and is not new, but with the popping up of diseases all over the world more and more people are looking for healthier lifestyles so as to combat this world wide trend.

Can Diabetics Eat Pizza?

Pizza is one of everybody’s all-time favorite foods but it is carbohydrates laden so people with diabetes tend to avoid it. However, if eaten moderately, diabetics can still have pizza.

What Can I Eat for Breakfast?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day that is why it is important to eat healthy. A good breakfast can also fuel you throughout the day.

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