Dumbbell Leg Workout For Men Over 40 (BUILD BIGGER LEGS!)

Butter or Margarine?

Now that margarine no longer contains trans fats many are going back to this spreadable fat. The French paradox on the other hand demonstrates that the French have less heart disease even though they consume and abundance of butter and other saturated fats. What research should you trust? This article looks at the health advantages and disadvantages that both margarine and butter present to help you make the healthiest choices for your individualised health.

Quinoa Nutritional Facts and How to Put It Into Your Diet

Quinoa is one of those incredibly nutritious foods that provide virtually side effects that everyone looking for a healthy diet must investigate. I had my first dining experience with this delicious food on a recent trip to Portugal, and although I had heard about it I really wanted to know more. So we will go into the health benefits of this tasty grain-like product, but before we do here is a little background information.

Cheap Healthy Meals: What Is Fermented Food?

Fermenting foods not only adds nutrients, fights disease and greatly aid in digestion, it is an excellent, inexpensive method of preservation. So, if like me, you have your hands full at harvest time it is a great way to spread your homegrown vegetables over the entire year.

How Dangerous Is Excess Belly Fat?

Did you know that most people today have excess abdominal fat? I’m sure you did, but did you know that around 70% of the population in some westernized countries such as the United States and Canada are considered obese or overweight. When people begin to notice their weight gain, they typically notice their extra abdominal fat, first.

Everybody Needs a Protein Shake for Weight Loss, Right?

Protein drinks and shakes appear to be the latest craze in nutrition. They can be mixed quickly and taken on the go. What should you look for as a consumer before committing to a purchase?

STOP! You’re Eating Yourself To Death

Is your current diet killing you slowly? Can what you’re eating be causing you all those health problems? Is your “healthy” diet making you fat?

Food Substitutions

Just because you have to diet doesn’t mean you have to miss out on good foods. There are plenty of healthy substitutes for salt and sugar available that can help you lose weight and get healthy.

Breakfast – How to Kick Start Your Day, the Right Way

Whether you love it or can’t stomach it; put thought into it or just gulp it down without thinking about it, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We’ve heard that said many times before, but the simple truth is that it’s true. A healthy, sustainable & nutritious breakfast can turn your life around. It will set you up for the day in a way nothing else can. It will replenish energy, nutrients, and hydration, boost your immune system, improve your concentrate and focus as well as reducing your risk of several serious health conditions like diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer’s disease, brain degeneration and much more. So will white toast and jam be enough? The answer is most definitely – no.

Vitamin D Deficiency – Symptoms, Benefits And Prevention

Vitamin D deficiency is one of the most common nutrient deficiencies. Many people in the western world don’t get adequate exposure to the sun in the winter months and can quietly develop this deficiency without much notice initially. Read further to learn the symptoms and prevention of Vitamin D deficiency.

Juicing Tips to Help You Get Started With Ease

You can easily make a nutritious juice, but it helps if you have the proper tools as well as getting the correct advice. Juicing can be a very important part of any diet and getting to grips with juicing isn’t difficult. All you need is tips to help you along the way. Keep reading and we’ll offer some tips to help get you started.

Confused About Buying Organic, Local, Conventional or Genetically Engineered Produce?

There are arguments supporting every type of food grown – organic, local, conventional, and genetically engineered. Since the government, politics, and big businesses are involved you are going to have to be smart about selecting what is the healthiest for you and your family. Here is how you can find the best produce based on your needs.

The Billion Dollar Supplement Myth And How You Can Cash In

How much did you spend on vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements last year? The average person spends over $275 each year. Did I say average? Well, for the enthused person who buys several different vitamins, anti-oxidants, herbs etc, this can range in the thousands! Why do we spend so much on vitamins and supplements? Because we keep hearing how we need them. We are bombarded by ads selling us the chance to look like a fitness queen or possibly feel like a champion. Companies make billions in supplement sales using actors to promote products they don’t use, and contracting the images of athletes who can barely walk down certain supplement aisles for fear of failing a drug screening. This only works because of one thing: we all want to look and feel better than we do at this very moment. In this ezine article, The Billion Dollar Vitamin and Supplement Myth and How You Can Cash In, I discuss how you can avoid being victimized by this overwhelming industry through educating yourself and how to supplement your uniqueness with what it really needs to become and remain healthy and fit for life!

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