5 MINUTE Back Mobility And Stretch (Yoga and Core Exercises!)

Don’t Fall Apart!

Without enough vitamin C your body LITERALLY falls apart! It is crucial for every system in the body and you may be surprised at how it supports hormones, bone, cartilage, and tendon health, brain function, and your heart.

Parents Open Your Eyes, Your Children Need to Eat Better!

The world is an inconsiderate place when it comes to food quality. Everyone is so focused on getting as much as they can for as little as they can, that they don’t realize the importance of eating the right foods.

Watch Out For Snacking When Driving

If you have the habit of snacking when driving you may be eating more than you should. Depending on how often this occurs may be one reason for weight gain or the inability to lose the weight that has already accumulated. The problem when snacking when driving is that you may not realize how much food you are putting in your body. Here’s how to help remedy this.

For A Healthier Brain, Be A Healthful Eater

Being a healthful eater will give you a healthier brain. You will reduce your risks of having a stroke, and of developing dementia.

How to Eat Healthy Without Obsessing About It (In 7 Easy Steps)

Are you overwhelmed by the multitude of internet nutritional advice or complicated diets? Learn how to make it easy and turn healthy eating into an effortless routine, in 7 simple steps.

Paleo Diet – A General Overview of Paleolithic Dieting Pattern

Without any controversy, living a healthy lifestyle is a thing of concern to an average American in today’s society where many people have become the victims of certain dieting myths. As the Paleo Diet is now being recommended as the best practice that can promote healthy living, it is however important to ascertain its potency. Here, you would find some insights that can help you to understand this ancient dieting pattern.

Everything in Moderation?

I got to thinking about this phrase recently. We definitely use it a lot, often towards the purpose of helping ourselves eat healthier. But then I started thinking about what this means and what it says to society given the abundance of fast food, junk food, and processed foods.

Which Protein Powder Is Best for Women?

Which protein powder is best for women, or is it even good at all? We will provide you with the answers to your question.

Planning a Healthy Lunch: Is There Such a Thing As Too Much of a Good Thing?

When planning a healthy lunch, perception isn’t always everything you need to know. There may be a couple of warnings you need to heed.

Summer Is Coming Quick! What Are Some of the Ways to Shed Fat Fast?

Summer is right around the corner and even though everyone has been preparing since Jan 1st (Yea Right!), there are some of us that still may have a few extra pounds to lose in order to get into that lean body shape that everyone wants for beach season! So what are some of the ways that we can lose body fat ASAP so we can be ready to hit the beach in only a couple short months?

Butter and Margarine: Serving Up the Facts

Butter or margarine? In recent years there’s been a lot of debate about which is better. And as soon as people make up their minds about their new favourite spread, another theory appears just to confuse things again.

Post Exercise Recovery Drinks, What They Are, Why The Body Needs To Recover and What To Look Out For

Recovery drinks, why are they so popular? Why’s it so important to kick start your body’s recovery after exercise? Why does your body need to recover? And what makes a good recovery shake?

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