How To Eat Enough Protein To Build Muscle (TRY THESE!)

5 Quick Ways to Get In Shape!

Learn 5 quick ways to get in shape now! There’s no crazy diet pill or starvation diet required.

Social Drugs – How They Affect Athlete Performance

Social drugs like alcohol and marijuana are very common in our society and are generally accepted though there are laws governing their use (and sale). They do affect athletic performance when used and can be quite destructive to a sports career.

Workout Snacks – Post Workout

The content of your food is more important than what you are actually eating. Even if it is really a breakfast type food, it is still a good item after exercise if it has the carbohydrates, protein and fat that your body needs. Try some of these.

Workout Snacks – Preworkout

Pre- and post-workout snacks will differ in their timing and type of foods based on the type of exercise being performed. Carbohydrates are emphasized over protein at near a 3:1 ratio. They will have some fats as well to balance the nutrients and to satiate hunger.

Here’s the Answer to, How Important Is Vitamin D?

The importance of vitamin D is such that we need to have at least the minimum requirement everyday. There are many rich sources on the vitamin, including the sun! But caution needs to be observed, especially with UV rays. Lets talk about the many natural ways to get it, and its wonderful benefits.

Is Fat and in Particular Saturated Fat Really That Bad for Us?

Fat and in particular saturated fat has for a long time, and still is seen as the “bad” guy in the world of healthy eating and nutrition. Yet, if we go back in time and look at what our ancestors ate, fat was one of the essentials for survival.

Low Fat or Low Carbohydrate Diet?

The whole idea behind a low fat diet came from the fact that it was the cause of heart disease, which as matter a fact has never been proven, but came on the background of observational and cohort studies. However, what we do know from abundance of research is that carbohydrates is the “bad” guy and not fat or even saturated fat.

Gas and Bloating: Why Your Sugar-Free Gum May Be To Blame

If you have a sweet tooth but you’re concerned about the negative health impacts of sugar, then eating low-sugar and sugar-free foods may sound like a sweet deal. Unfortunately if you have certain digestive complaints, then these foods may actually be working against you. This article provides an introduction to some common sugar substitutes, where they can be found, and the pros and cons of choosing them over sugar.

Nutrition On A Budget

Most people have for long cited low income and financial problems to be great hindrances to their efforts of loosing weight and taking good nutrition. Actually, even though there is no doubt to the fact that most low cost foods are associated with low nutritional value, the truth is that this is not always the case. You don’t have to break a bank or spend a fortune to enjoy good nutrition. There are some worthwhile ideas that can help you achieve desired nutrition on a budget.

What Are the Benefits of Probiotics?

Probiotics claim to benefit us in a large number of ways by helping with a large number of potential problems. In this article we are going to briefly cover the two roles that these active and living bacteria play in our bodies and how they help with certain health problems that could occur throughout our lives.

Eating Healthy On The Road

If you are planning a road trip, there is no doubt that you will want to eat any food that you find on the road and you will careless about its health effects. After all it is a family trip where food and extreme enjoyment is the order of the day. Unfortunately, you have no idea of how such food could be unhealthy for your body if you are not careful.

What Is the Relation Between Health and Nutrition?

Nutrition plays a key role to keep your body healthy & fit. Through this article, We are going to Introduce you the role of nutritional supplements in life.

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