How Much Fat Can You Lose AFTER 50? (Here’s The Truth!)

Parents and Food: Healthy Role Models?

Parental quirks about food and eating may be passed on to their kids, either intentionally or unconsciously. Which messages are you you sending to your kids?

When It Comes to Eating Junk, Once in a While Is Most of the Time

There is nothing wrong with an occasional snack. However, when it comes to junk food, for the general population, once in a while is actually most of the time.

Diet Tips to Boost Metabolism

A fast metabolism helps burn calories more effectively. Easy diet tips will help your body use the foods you eat to control weight.

Health Benefits of Cherries: Studies Show Top 5 Gains

Not only are cherries one of the most satisfying and delicious foods around, they are rated by the American Journal of Nutrition in the “Top 50 List” of foods with the most powerful nutritional content and health benefits. It’s the deep red, blue and purple colors of the top berries that contain the plant chemicals delivering a potent punch against disease. Recent research studies have discovered the health benefits of cherries include muscle pain relief, reducing inflammation, remedying insomnia, protection of brain cells, and relief for knee arthritis.

Spice Up Your Diet With Dried Red Chillies

Few people around us try to avoid Red Chillies in their cuisine, not knowing the benefits of it. Few of us add them in our diet for taste. This article focus on the health benefits of adding them in our diet. Please share the knowledge you gain through this to your known ones

Ten Life Changing Reasons Why You Should Drink Water

In this article, you will discover 10 life changing reasons why you should be drinking water. From weight loss to clearer, younger looking skin.

10 Tips for Practicing the Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Inflammation and aging go hand in hand as inflammation markers – especially the ESR (erythrocyte sedimentation rate) – slowly increase with each decade. Many age-related diseases have inflammation as their common denominator and this is partially modulated by diet, so here are 10 easy tips to avoid the buildup of damaging inflammation products as much as possible.

5 Ways to Feel Full Without Bloating

Bloating is a sign of poor eating. While certain foods cause it, the way you eat could be a bigger problem.

What Do I Eat? Why Your Colon Health Determines Your Total Health

What do I eat, for good colon health? What is colon health? How this will help you keep belly fat off.

Importance of Testing the Authenticity of Organic Foods

The growing popularity of organic foods has created greater demand for organic produce and meats – people are slowly yet surely recognizing the long-term benefits of consuming food that is produced or grown without the use of any artificial additions. While various companies and local producers alike are racing to meet the growing appetite for organic foods, there is a pertinent question that looms over our heads – Is the food we are purchasing really organic? It is not uncommon for manufacturers to use unfair practices and get away with loopholes in food labelling norms.

Personalized Nutrition: There Is No One “Right” Diet for Everyone

It seems everyone has an opinion on nutrition these days. It’s not even so much of an opinion anymore but a sort of dogma. “Thou shalt eat this way or risk one’s health irreparably.” You read it all over the internet and magazines every day. There is always someone spouting the “real” healthy diet we should all be eating. For the average person, these diet wars are frustrating and confusing. To make matters worse, some of these seemingly healthy diets can be downright harmful, especially if someone is already at high risk for chronic disease.

New Dietary Guidelines Aid in Making Wise Choices

This time of year the buzz is about what’s trending in the food world. I try to share with my clients how the trends around wholesome food choices can aid them in making the best choices for a healthy lifestyle. The recommended dietary guidelines issued every five years reflect some topical food trends along with recommendations for healthy eating.

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