3 Best And Worst Exercises For Bad Backs (AVOID THE INJURY!)

Healthy Ways To Maintain Your Energy During Long Days

The dreaded after-lunch exhaustion- it is a fact of life in any job, but a dire one for teachers. You have to both keep yourself and your students awake and focused. It is one of the hardest lessons to learn when learning how to be a teacher. There are commercials and ads for energy drinks and energy bars, but how healthy are they for you?

Mushroom: The Magic Food

A mushroom develops from a nodule that is less than two millimeters in diameter. It is a fungus that usually grows above the ground. Photosynthesis does not occur because they are not plants. The texture of a mushroom is best described as fleshy and springy when squeezed lightly. Mushrooms often have a stem, cap and pores under the cap which are all eaten on the non-poisonous varieties. There are approximately 14,000 types of mushroom. Other sources cite that there are over 38,000 varieties of mushrooms available with only about 3,000 that are edible.

Juicer Machine – Benefits of Juicing

Ladies and gentlemen, start your juicers!! I’m sure that all of you, like me, have heard about how beneficial and nutritious juicing is. Well, I decided to look into this juicing phenomenon and what I found has made me a believer.

Benefits of Omega-3 Fatty Acids Found in Chia Seeds

Chia seeds provide a nutritionally dense source of Omega-3 fatty acids. While salmon and other fish are normally thought of as the preferred sources of Omega-3, chia seed provides a vegan friendly source of the vital nutrient.

GMOs? What Are They?

A few things about GMOs. What are they? And what are a few possible dangers?

How To Improve Stamina

Although workout strategies are an essential element in improving stamina, they are pretty well useless without a good nutritional program. Some of the best nutritional information comes from the culinary habits of some tremendously robust historical peoples.

Dietary Changes That Promote Wellness

A guide is provided of foods that we can eat and ones to avoid to promote wellness. Even among basically healthy foods, some individual items are better than others.

Studies on Low Carbohydrate Diets

I would like to point out a few studies conducted within the area of low carbohydrate diets and the effects they have had. Looking at just these 2 studies makes it clear that low-carbohydrate diets are beneficial for the majority of people, and especially for people with metabolic or chronic diseases.

5 Key Factors For Fast Weight Loss

Five key factors you should understand for fast, healthy dieting. Many people start on a diet based on the latest diet “secret” published in some magazine or website post. Some of these fads can be dangerous to your health.

Healthy Eating – Fussy Eaters Need to Eat

Children can sometimes be very fussy eaters. How do you get them to eat well enough to get the nutrients they need? The types of foods you serve to entice them and the attitude you have towards their eating habits can make a big difference.

Getting More Vegetables Into Your Diet: “The Loaded Salad”

It can be challenging to find creative ways to get more vegetables into your diet. Here’s a simple option that will add a massive dose of nutrition for your entire family!

What Is Kefir and How to Make Kefir at Home

Quite a number of people are familiar with yogurt and the various health effects it has but not many know that there is something even better. Kefir, which is also a fermented milk drink, contains even more probiotics that help us become healthier. Kefir is produced with milk and tiny ball-shaped curds known as kefir grains.

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