Self Defense AFTER 50 – How To Protect Yourself In A Fight (Tips You May Need!)

Combat Holiday Weight Gain With Some Simple Recipe Modifications

Traditional holiday recipes are often laden with fat, sugar and calories. Some simple modifications to your recipe can lead to a delicious tasting dish while avoiding holiday weight gain.

Digestive Enzymes – Health 101

Poor nutrition is the epicentre of virtually every disease. We are what we eat, digest & absorb. An error many make in health is thinking because we ate something – we absorbed the nutrition, a very unreliable assumption. Age, poor food choices, certain medications, alcohol, smoking, lack of physical activity are all too common – and sabotage the body’s potential for full digestion & absorption. A misdiagnosed use of antacids, popping them haphazardly & incorrectly is another serious culprit with digestive health. The symptoms of high stomach acid that make people pop antacids are very similar to the sensation felt by low stomach acid. Antacids are not to be taken flippantly, our stomach acid is another critical step to proper digestion.

The Benefits Of Juicing, How To Tap Into Them For Great Health

Learn the secrets of fresh juice, how it can enhance your health and bring you benefits that you will not believe until you experience them. The power of juicing is real and you can experience it in your life.

Snacks and Treats: Indulgences and Punishments

Live like you choose to live but don’t lie to yourself about your food choices- or euphemize how you refer to them. Use accurate words to describe what you’re eating. Most treats and snacks are really indulgences. It matters what you call them. Re-define and re-identify the “treats” and “snacks” in your life because the words you use don’t just reveal what you think- they create what you think. Treats provide delight and joy. If at the same time they are an impediment or obstacle to good health then the word “treat” seems a poor fit. Punish yourself with indulgences if you must but don’t tell yourself it’s “treating.”

Just What Are Vitamins and Minerals and How Essential Are They?

Vitamins & Minerals are vital for good health, but what do we really know about them. Do we need to eat special foods every day, or is vitamin & mineral tablets the best answer? Let’s find out.

The True Wellness Advantages of Wheatgrass Powder

If Wheatgrass Powder has been offered for numerous decades why is it suddenly becoming so popular? Just how could something in a powdered texture, that tastes similar to cardboard be good for you and what are the actual wellness advantages.

Workout Supplement Info and Suggestions

Nutritional and workout supplements are becoming increasingly popular at a very fast rate. I will provide some insight into some of the more commonly used ones, and let you know which ones I recommend.

Green Tea Fights Disease: How Its Natural Antioxidants Work

Could the antioxidant EGCG found in Green Tea be a natural way to prevent Alzheimer’s? Dr. Mi Hee Lim, a faculty member of the University of Michigan’s Life Sciences Institute and the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology in South Korea, recently published her team’s research on a compound found in green tea extract, EGCG, that controls the buildup of toxic proteins called metal-associated amyloids1, which may help prevent Alzheimer’s.

Potatoes and Health

Potatoes are a very popular vegetable, on average they are consumed by at least a billion people worldwide. Not only that but they are one of the oldest vegetables, going as far back as 200 B.C Despite its popularity, potatoes do remain an issue, due to the increased amounts of carbohydrates found within them. Not only are potatoes packed full of carbohydrates, but they are also full of other vitamins and minerals.

Is Eating At Subway Really Better Than McDonalds?

Even though Subway is proud to claim itself as a healthy fast food restaurant, in a recent study conducted by UCLA, the results may not be what you would expect. Scientists tracked what a group of 100 adolescents between the ages of 12 and 21 ate at both Subway and McDonalds. Surprisingly the difference in calories consumed at both places did not differ as much as many would assume.

The Health Benefits of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

For many years, health experts and doctors have recommended that their patients consume fish oil supplements because of the health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids. This is based on the many years of research into these essential fats and because they believe that the supplements are beneficial to lowering the potential of heart disease, stroke, death and even sudden death caused by heart disease among others.

5 Most Lacking Nutrients In A Typical Daily Diet

In a world of processed convenience foods, it is often hard to get enough of the nutrients that the body needs on a daily basis. Making a conscience effort to eat a balanced diet certainly goes a long way. However, vitamin supplements help supplement where diet is lacking.

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