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The Four Essential Principles of Nutrition for Losing Weight

The 4 Essential Principles you should be following no matter what diet you are on. Apply these tips and you will succeed.

Living the Low Carb Life

Low Carb is bandied about as if it were the holy grail, but for some it’s not. For other’s it is the key. For many, like diabetics, it’s a life saver. But doctors hate it because it’s not done well, and that can lead to health problems.

Minerals, Herbs and Berries for High Blood Pressure

Managing high blood pressure using the methods prescribed can be difficult for many people. Since doctors often prefer prescription medications and limiting diets with exercise over natural remedies, it can actually cause a patient even more stress, and increased blood pressure levels. It takes time to see a significant reduction in hypertension levels through exercise and weight loss, and even through dietary changes.

Acai Health Benefits You Should Know

Acai health benefits have gotten a lot of publicity over the past few years. This is mainly due to the fact that the acai berry has been found to contain a huge number of nutrients that combined do many things to help keep the body functioning in a very positive way.

Eating Healthier and Still Save Your Money

In today’s world food is relatively cheap in most industrialized countries. We are spending less of our disposable income for food than at any time in human history. Much of the reason for that lower budget is genetically engineered food, prepackaged food with cheap, unhealthy ingredients and snack items that only serve to fill the stomach rather than nourish the body have become the norm.

Super-Mart Foods Don’t Promise Nutrition Always

We have all been taught that the simplest foods are usually the best. Plant growers and other farmers are the ones that probably enjoy the most nutritious diet through fresh and healthy produce.

The Facts on Kombucha

Kombucha is a type of fermented tea that is rapidly gaining popularity around the United States. As with anything, it is important to understand the nature of this popular beverage and what goes into it.

What Do You See When You Look In The Mirror?

You’re flabby, your posture is anything but confident and you feel like crap. But eating healthy is easy and delicious. No more excuses.

7 Ways You Can Get Your Kids to Eat Fruits and Vegetables

Getting your kids to eat fruits and vegetables is like telling a stubborn mule to move, they just won’t do it. So, I wrote this article to give some ideas to parents on how they can get their kids to start eating healthy.

Top 3 Reasons Behind Diets That Work

Find the 3 most important things you can do to find success with your diet. Diets may be different but with these 3 tips you will get the best results.

Love of Sugar – A Doomed Relationship

Where does the love of sugar come from? The quantity of sugar consumed by the average American in the late 1800s was only about 7 pounds a year. In our current society, the average citizen eats 22.7 teaspoons a day (77 pounds a year). How did we get to where we are today? What issues has it caused?

Special Nutrients in Kombucha

Kombucha has long been touted as a wonder drink, but what’s in it that’s responsible for those claims? As the research indicates, many compounds in kombucha possess legitimate medical properties, which undoubtedly contribute to the positive experiences of kombucha consumers.

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