Build The PERFECT Chest With These 4 Exercises (MEN DO THIS!)

Get Rid of Carbohydrates and Sugar, and Substitute Fat

Some of the high carb diets that have been advanced are based on the premise that because sugar is burned first by the cells, it must be what our body’s preferred fuel is. That has been the logic that has probably added more to obesity in the United States and the world than anything. The thinking now is that the body actually burns those fuels that are most toxic in order to get them out of the system. So by providing the body with more carbs and sugars we are in effect feeding it poison.

How to Strengthen Your Immune System – Four Simple Strategies

As you know, your immune system is responsible for keeping your body strong and healthy and protecting it from attacks by harmful bacteria. People who have a strong immune system remain largely healthy and are less sensitive to common health hazards like infection. Some others find that they are prone to fall sick at the slightest provocation. The structure of your immune system is partly shaped by genetic factors. But the good news is that you can strengthen your immunity from health hazards by following some simple strategies.

Shopping Gluten-Free

There are more gluten-free products created every day. Some of them are not healthy choices. Read this article to learn how to make the right choices while navigating this complicated lifestyle.

Give Your Body Some TLC With Coconut Oil

This article will focus on how coconut oil can give you a healthy body. Coconut oil is a nutrient rich oil with healing properties for both internal and external uses.

In Defence of Juice Diets

A defence of the juice and smoothie diet that has become both very popular and rather maligned by some reviewers. Our explanation of the main criticisms that are levelled at juicing plans, and another way of looking at things.

Curcumin Health Benefits Revealed – Everything You Will Ever Need To Know!

If you want to live a long, healthy life, then read on. Curcumin, an everyday store cupboard ingredient, has quite amazing properties which will help to keep you in A1 condition and enjoying life to the full.

3 Good Reasons Not To Start a Raw Food Diet

If you’re thinking about starting a raw food diet, please read this article so that you can find out the pros and cons about this lifestyle. Staring a healthy lifestyle the right way will grantee great results.

Would the Average Westerner Benefit From More Omega 3 Fatty Acids in Their Diet? If So, How?

Omega fatty acid is a naturally occurring element that is found in more than just fish. The reason it is called “Omega Fish Oil” is because this is where it is found in its highest concentration. Omega 3 can be found in a wide variety of foods, including fish, nuts, berries, leafy vegetables, oils and fruits. Because of the high concentration of omega 3 that is found in fish oil, those who are looking to increase this supplement in their diet should eat fish on a regular basis. For those who cannot eat fish, there are other ways to reach your dietary recommendation without taking a supplement.

Organic Superfoods – What Exacty Are They?

There are special foods that we can classify as organic superfoods. These will benefit the body greatly by giving it an immense health boost.

Bad Chocolate and Your Health

Dark chocolate is healthy, but what about the popular chocolates? Getting rid of them is good for your health and wallet.

Can Autoimmune Diseases Be Cured?

In this article, do not expect to find a definite answer to the question, “Can Autoimmune Diseases Be Cured?” However, I will present findings from both the established medical profession along with some alternative views.

No Room For Willpower in Sugar Addiction

People have different ideas about willpower and about how to implement it with food and eating. But the philosophy of willpower seems to have changed recently. This article looks at several perspectives on willpower and the possible influence of sugar on it.

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