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Objective Lemonade Diet Reviews

There are a number of lemonade diet reviews as this is popular due to its simplicity and testimony by celebrities. Also known as the Master Cleanse Diet, it has been around for more than 50 years and was created by Stanley Boroughs in the 1940s. Though popular, it has gained much criticism worldwide.

How Many Calories Do I Need A Day?

How many calories you need to consume per day will depend largely on your body-composition goals. It’s quite simple, really – you just need to know what you are aiming for. Here’s the deal.

Boost Your Energy With Complex Carbohydrates in Your Diet

When it comes to gaining daily energy, consumption of complex carbohydrates usually help. Complex carbohydrates are slower burning, and give sustained energy over the course of the day.

How To Eat Clean For Weight Loss

Eating clean. The norm in America is fast food and processed foods. You must make an effort to eat whole foods made close to nature as possible.

A Gentleman and His Health – He Knows What To Do

A Christian gentleman understands that his body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, as well as the temple of his human spirit. He knows how to possess his body in health. He understands that he must have good quality food, water, air and rest to achieve and maintain good health. He takes his instructions in these areas from the Bible. He also understands that his home must be kept free from toxins, as well.

How Are Diet And Depression Linked?

Although depression can occur at any time of the year, it can be triggered in Autumn/Winter from the days shortening and there being less sunshine. This is sometimes referred to as SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

Australia’s Best Macadamia Nuts

The original inhabitants of Australia were generally nomadic, for a number of lifestyle reasons. One of these was a particular tree with dark green leaves and exceptionally sweet flowers that were native to the narrow strip of mountains and coastline on the east of the continent. The Aborigines for thousands of years would gather and eat the trees edible and nutritious nuts.

5 Ways for Veggie Haters to Enjoy Vegetables

Are you one of those people who hate vegetables? Try some of these tips to prepare vegetables to help you enjoy eating healthier foods.

Get Rid of Sugar Cravings – Lose Weight Fast

If you’re reading this it is because you want to lose weight fast, the easy way or you’re looking for some magic potion or wand. I hate to break it to you, it isn’t going to happen! But get rid of your sugar cravings and it could very well jump start your metabolism into a fat burning machine.

Accumulated Waste in the Colon Can Affect Any of Our Organs at Any Time

Here I explain why the best health results come from a life-long commitment to cleansing. We start life with a clean internal system. It is interesting to note that babies, birds and animals evacuate within 15 to 18 hours of every meal. This, however, is not the case for most of us, for numerous reasons. The human bowel is naturally meant to eliminate yesterday’s waste – not that from years or decades ago If you have been following a healthy, high-raw lifestyle for several years and have done a herbal cleanse or two you may well assume you are now fully “detoxed”. I’m here to tell you that you are almost certainly not! How do I know that? Because I’m willing to bet you grew up on the standard, “socially accepted” fare and ate this diet throughout your teens, most probably your 20s too, and quite probably even longer.

Vitamins, Minerals and Overall Health – Part 1

When you purchase a supplement, are you aware of what all the vitamins and minerals actions are? The following is the first of a two part series discussing vitamins and minerals, and their importance to human health. The second part will encompass minerals and their importance.

Organic Food Versus Regular Food – Which Is Better?

The answer for me is easy, the motto I live by in my quest for a healthy lifestyle is the fresher the better. Not only am I a huge fan of fresh foods, but I am also a huge fan of organic foods along with millions of other Americans.

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