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Avoid Certain Foods To Enjoy A High Level Of Health And Wellness

Learn which foods you need to consume with caution because they can negatively affect your level of health and wellness. Eating is fun but we have to eat healthy to be healthy.

The Significance of Health Supplements and Vitamins for Our Body

Vitamins and health supplements are quite important to keep your body fit and fine. Apart from working as health supplements, they also help in healing the body. For a healthy living, taking health supplements is quite useful.

Thiamine Deficiency

Vitamins and essential nutrients required by our body from our diet. Thiamine is an essential vitamin which provides many health benefits. In this article I will outline some of the deficiency symptoms of thiamine.

Baby Steps for Lasting Change

Making lasting changes requires perseverance and patience. Experimenting with new information and assimilating it into our lifestyle over time creates new habits.

Will It Float?

There are many dietary theories, multitudes of eating plans, and much confusion about what is truly healthful eating. Here is my very simple tip to make choosing healthful foods an easy task!

Nutrition for Life: Making That Lifestyle Choice A Little Bit Easier

Nutrition for life is making sure that healthy eating is an important part of your life and not just a passing fad. Discover what it really means to you and how you can best achieve it.

5 Reasons Why a High Protein Diet Is Awesome

1. Protein equals free calories- Due to a process called the Thermic Effect of Food, 30% of all calories derived from protein is used just by the body to process that protein. If you have a meal that contains 100 g of protein which equals 400 calories, 120 calories are used by the body to process that protein leaving a net gain of only 280 calories gained.

Fruits And Nuts – Best Bets For Healthy Snacks!

Obesity is quickly becoming a big dilemma for many people worldwide, especially in western countries. More people are dying from obesity related health problems, such as diabetes and heart attacks, more than ever before! Thankfully, there are a number of ways to reduce these excess fats and the best way is to target the types of foods you consume on a daily basis! Fruits and nuts are great to help you lose weight, and in this article, I am going to share with you some of the very best foods to help you lose weight.

How To Swap Gluten Out of Your Diet

Quite simply, gluten is not good for you. This protein that’s found in many different foods can and does have an ill effect on your body. Some people notice this effect more than others, but we are all affected in some shape or form.

Could a Common Food Be Harmful? Maybe Dangerous?

Foods that have been marketed as healthy and beneficial could actually be harmful. Learn what the food makers don’t want you to know.

How to Survive ‘Man Flu’

The cooler months are setting in and coughs and colds are on the horizon but should women empathise with men when they claim to have the dreaded ‘man flu’? Are women the stronger sex?

Snacking On Healthy Food Options And Staying Fit The Yummy Way

We all love to eat good food. A delicious meal is always something to look forward to each day. It’s especially true when you’re tired and hungry.

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