3 Things You MUST Do After 40 To Build Muscle (Men Do This!)

This Is The Single Biggest Thing You Can Do If You Want To Lose Weight

The Scottish whisky distiller Thomas Dewar once said: “Minds are like parachutes; they work best when open.” I want you to keep an open mind during the next five minutes it will take you to read this piece. I want to introduce an idea that will prove helpful if you want to lose weight and improve your body composition.

Take Care Of Your Skin, Hair And Health With Almonds

Almonds are one of the most loved nuts, which are high in Vitamin E and good fats that play a vital role in taking care of your glowing skin, nourishing hairs and overall health. These are super foods that everyone must include in their regular diet for better skin, more energy, stronger and shiny hairs and a healthier life.

Is It a Good Idea to Take Folic Acid While Trying to Conceive?

A doctor will usually advise you take a folic acid supplement while you are pregnant but can it also be beneficial while you are trying to conceive? Firstly, what is folic acid? It is a synthetic form of vitamin B9 and it reduces the risk of neural tube defects in babies by up to 70%.

Seven Ghee Benefits That May Change Your Perspective

It is a general conception that ghee is fattening and that it should be avoided. But contrary to the fact, ghee aids in weight loss. There are multiple more benefits of ghee which are unknown to many. Ghee contains multiple nutrients which are absolutely important for human body. Take a look at these benefits and decide for yourself whether ghee is beneficial or not. This might change your perception about ghee and abolish the general misconception that ghee or clarified butter should be avoided.

What You Need To Quit Sugar Now

Have you been wanting to quit sugar but putting it off? This article covers 7 tips to get you ready to quit effectively.

Why Green Vegetables Are Important for Good Digestion

Many centuries ago doctors in some countries used to determine a person’s health by the colour of their urine or faeces. Urine can change colour and odour depending on what you eat and drink, what supplements you take, what prescription medications, how much exercise you do or, on a more serious note, what illnesses you have in your body.

Amazing Health Benefits Of Guarana Berry

Guarana, a plant of the Amazon is found in various parts of Brazil and Venezuela. The berries of the Guarana plant are said to have a number of amazing health benefits. Ability to burn fat and enhanced energy levels are few of these benefits.

Healthy Eating – Pros And Cons Of Green Tea

By now you have probably heard green tea is a healthy substance you should want to add to your daily diet. But, is it as good as it is cracked up to be? Are there any cons associated with this type of tea? The fact is, while this tea is mostly good and should be consumed by most people, there are a few things you will want to know. Let us look at the pros and cons so you can make an informed decision about whether you should include green tea in your diet.

Coffee, Wine, Weed & Health

The past few weeks have included buzz-worthy info on coffee, wine, weed and health. The three stimulants can be addictive, enjoy a robust retail market (weed in limited states) and may have health benefits. My clients and readers of this blog know my mantra-“There is no one thing that is all good or all bad and moderation is the key.” Though the research on the three is still a work in progress, the following is a brief overview of how they can impact your health.

Diet Drinks and Heart Concerns: What You Should Know

We explore whether or not the diet version of your favourite soft drink could be doing more harm than good. We also examine the latest scientific research surrounding sweeteners and and insulin production.

10 Best Foods To Eat Before And After Workouts That You Should Know

What to eat when training and bodybuilding. 10 best meals to eat.

High Protein Diets For Bodybuilding: Learn To Eat The Right Amount

What to eat when You training and bodybuilding. A list of 8 healthy food when exercising.

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