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The Raw Food Diet and You

The human body utilizes different kinds of nutrients to ensure optimal body functions, So supply it with the right food needed to beef-up its performance of uninterrupted actions. It is important to understand that a diet rich in raw foods will serve to regenerate our body and give us the health benefits we could never have dreamed of. It might just be the diet you are looking for!

Why Choose the Raw Food Detox Diet?

The raw food detox diet is a popular healthy eating plan for anyone that wants to lose weight and cleanse their bodies. When combined with a good exercise plan, this diet can dramatically improve your weight loss and fitness overall. It is also important that you understand the benefits and side effects of the raw food detox diet, so that you will get the best results from your efforts.

Chocolate: The Good, The Bad and The Reality

Chocolate has always played a special role in our species. In Mayan and Aztec religious events, priests presented cacao seeds as offerings to the gods, and served it in drinks during sacred ceremonies.

Good and Bad Cholesterol: The Truth About the Foods You Think Are Safe

You are not getting any younger, and one of the things you are concerned about right now is your blood cholesterol level. Take a pause and read this article to get clarifications about foods that contain cholesterol and the ones in contrary but brings more hazardous effects to the body.

Advice For Healthy Eating

With a hectic lifestyle and snack foods available everywhere we turn (including the vending machines at the gym!), it can also be easy to consume food and drinks high in calories without even realising we’re doing it. Try the following tips to avoid unknowingly consuming too many calories. Sticking to these simple guidelines will help you to achieve or maintain a healthy weight.

Nutritional Lacking in Baby Boomers – Discovering Reasons and Suggesting Cure

The baby boomer generation needs more vitamins and minerals for better health. Basically, baby boomers are the people who were born after World War II in a period of 1946 to 1964. Now, they have reached an age when they are getting old and retiring.

Proven Health Benefits of Apple – The Wonder Fruit

Snow white was poisoned with an apple and what fell on Newton’s head to make him realize the force of gravity was again an apple. Then out of nowhere Steve Jobs chose apple to represent a brand. We have countless strange stories revolving around apple.

Cutting Down on Sodium in Your Diet

Sodium is hidden in many places that you might not expect. Learn here about ways to cut down on the amount of sodium in your diet.

Black Cherry Health Benefits

Black cherry health benefits have been found to surpass their red cherry counterparts. It seems that black cherries have a larger portion of all the nutrients that are good for both your mind and body. Here are some interesting facts concerning black cherry health benefits.

10 Reasons Why You Should Drink Your Food

The evidence is clear that drinking your fruits and vegetables can have dramatic health benefits. This is not at all a decree to ditch the knife and fork. You still need to eat a balanced diet including proteins and fats (which I would advise against blending). However, before you go buy your next batch of overpriced and over-processed vitamins consider the benefits of blending your own.

Eating for Energy – Three Things You Need To Know

Energy is essential in our day to day life. In order to stay energetic and efficient throughout the day, you must adhere to healthy diet habits by eating for energy.

The Queen of the Greens

Kale is actually part of the cabbage family and this ‘Queen of the Greens’ packs a powerhouse of nutrition inside its leaves. It is hailed as one of the most nutrient dense vegetables around.

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