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Doc’s Secret: 5 Foods That Boost Your Immune System

Worried about flu season sneaking in and messing with your holidays? Find out why holistic doctor, Michael E Rosenbaum, recommends you feast on these holiday foods!

Can You Decrease Your Risk of Alzheimer’s With Diet?

Alzheimer’ disease is overtaking America in epidemic numbers, with an estimated one person in eight over the age of 65 having the affliction. As the incidence of diabetes and obesity continue to increase, Alzheimer’s is expected to spiral up during the next twenty years. Sadly for so many families of victims of this terrible disease there is no known cure, and no treatments that can truly be called effective. Drugs are currently of little or no good, but we are getting a better understanding of ways we can ward off the disease prior to it actually setting in.

Quinoa – You Should Be Eating It!

Quinoa (keen-wah), while most often touted as a grain, is actually a seed. It is more closely related to sesame seeds and chia than it is to wheat or rice. However, it is very “grain-like” and makes a great substitute for any grains in almost any dish.

18 Foods You Don’t Need To Buy Organic

Organic eating can be more expensive than eating normal, so this list of foods in this article will be a lot easier on the pocket. Plus you will be safe in the knowledge that eating these foods won’t harm your health. The list of foods below will contain the least amount of pesticide residue when compared to other healthy foods.

Growth of Contract Manufacturing in Medicine Production

Contract manufacturing has grown in leaps and bounds due to its many benefits to the tablet manufacturers. It is a lot more cost-effective and flexible to hire a contract manufacturer for the production of medicines.

Is Whey Protein an Ideal Choice?

Many people want to add protein to their diets without a lot of fat and calories. High protein diets have been shown in medical nutrition studies to enhance weight loss and lower inflammation and cholesterol. This makes protein shakes a quick, easy meal or snack without the added sugar of protein bars. The most complete, absorbable and beneficial protein is whey. It is an excellent nutrition supplement. Consider why you want to add protein to your diet as there are several types of whey proteins and each has a purpose.

Look At Your Plate

Do you know what you are eating or do you eat to eat? There are ways to look at your plate and actually see what is there in a beautiful way.

Effective Health Tips For Healthy Living

We live in a day and age when scientific advancements and medical breakthroughs happen on a regular basis. We can live healthy lives than what most of our ancestors could even dream of. Yet, we find a large percentage of the population going through sickness and disease of one kind or another.

The Benefits of Calcium in the Body

The main health benefit of calcium in the body is to maintain strong bone and teeth. Lack of enough calcium leads to weak bones which eventually leads to osteoporosis – a condition caused by lack of enough bone mass or a continuous bone loss in elderly people.

Are Sports Drinks Right For You?

With so many colors, flavors, and formulas it’s tough to know which to choose. But should you drink any of them in the first place? And when is water your best choice? You’re about to mow the grass or tend to your garden. It’s hot outside and while water may be your best choice for activities 30 minutes or less, you find yourself wondering if that sports drink in the frig will cut it.

Effects of Microwave Frequencies and Essential Oils

Practically every home and restaurant has a microwave oven because they are extremely convenient for thawing, cooking, and heating food. What is the price we pay for this convenience? The extreme heat that is generated during the cooking process destroys the nutritional value of the food being cooked leaving our bodies extremely vulnerable to viruses, fungi, and other micro-organisms because our immune system has been weakened. The bio-electric frequencies the essential oils contain make the oils profoundly effective in raising the frequencies of the human body and aiding in the prevention of disease, thereby supporting our immune system.

How To Drink Protein Shakes To Lose Weight and Build Muscle

Protein shakes can be a great tool to help you lose weight and also to build muscle when used correctly. With so many options to choose from, you need to know some basics about what to look for and what to avoid.

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