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Burn Fat at Home Without Equipment (in 3 Simple Steps)

Let’s face it, most of us are far too busy to go to the gym several times a week. Weather it’s due to a demanding work schedule, raising kids, going to school full time or any of the other hundreds of things that we need to do daily to make it through the day. If you have a gym membership, but you hardly every go to the gym, or if you want to take a break from the gym and switch things up, follow these three steps to burn fat at home without equipment.

Benefits You Get From Only Regular Exercises

Physical activities such as walking, athletics and games, which may all be grouped as exercises, are important in maintenance of health at all ages for both males and females. Regular exercises are particularly useful for those normally involved in occupations that do not involve much movement like office assistants, administrators, accountants and lawyers among others.

Exercises and Workouts – The Benefits of Including Planks In Your Workout Program

As you get started with your health and fitness program, there’s one exercise that’s a must-have in your protocol plan. That exercise? The plank. For many people, the exercise is one that is simply going to help them get a leaner midsection. And that much can be true. But it is also an excellent way to help define your abdominal core provided you are following a healthy eating plan at the same time. It will burn calories, sculpt your abs, and build body strength using the different variations.

5 Tips For Busy Parents Who Want To Keep Fit

When you’re a busy parent, you probably feel that you have no time to keep fit and exercise. Here are 5 fitness tips to find time for health and fitness in your family.

Tips for Exercising When You’re Over 50

Turning 50 is the start to a new chapter in your life and should be viewed as “The Next Great Adventure” and not the status quo of “just getting older”. One of the biggest factors in making these the BEST years of your life is to live a healthy and active life that includes consistent exercise.

5 Reasons Why Enrolling in a Fitness Centre Is Essential

Almost all of us are well aware of the fact how exercising benefits us in more ways than one. For some people, hitting the gym is as natural as pursuing the daily activities like eating and sleeping. But for most it takes a lot of effort to go there on a daily basis.

4 Easy Steps To Run A 10K

The prospect of running in a race can feel like a crazy ambition and perhaps you’ll feel intimidated and overwhelmed. It can feel that way when looking at the big picture. To make it more tangible, it is best to divide up the task ahead into little chunks.

Exercises and Workouts – 4 Reasons Why You Should Be Walking Daily

If there is an exercise significantly underestimated, it’s walking. Many people believe for you to be healthy, you need to follow a dedicated fitness program that is conducive to positive well-being. While gym workouts are beneficial and at times essential, it would benefit you to adopt a mindset where exercise can be performed just about anywhere, and not exclusively in the confines of an athletic facility.

Go Trampolining and Get a Lot of Health Benefits

It keeps you fit even without asking for intense workouts. It’s fun to do and it never bores you. So, take to trampolining and enjoy a healthy life.

7 Ultimate Weight Loss Exercises

Here are 7 weight loss exercises that, when combined with a healthy diet, will help you on your way to a slimmer you. Try some of these weight loss exercises and find one that fits into your lifestyle and you enjoy.

Powerlifting for the Beginner

Powerlifting to a healthier life – Probably like yourself when I was first introduced to powerlifting I had no clue about weight lifting let alone powerlifting. But when I got myself into a powerlifting routine the results were crazy, I was burning tons of my body fat and gaining immense strength at the same time. It didn’t seem possible, but it was.

Triathlon 101 – Training, Equipment and More

Quick overview of triathlon races. Includes the standard distances, training guide and types of equipment needed.

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